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With only 4 days left on my amazing little troopers giveforward page I am asking for you to consider making a small donation to help Keira x

Keira is my amazing little girl who turned 4 on January 7th. Keira is such a strong little girl who fights against all odds and despite her limitations she strives to do as much as she can. Keira has her own amazing personality and is the happiest little soul anyone could meet with a smile that lightens up any room.

Unfortunately Keira suffered birth trauma due to a placental abruption, she was still born and it took the doctors 15 mins to ressusitate her and 2 shots of adrenaline. Keira was in nicu (intensive care) for 5 weeks, from the age of 24 hours Keira started developing seizures, which she still has. Keira now has spastic athetoid quadriplejic cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

From the age of 6 months Keira has been doing physiotherapy and occupational therapy weekly, her therapists are amazed at her ability to learn and her patience when doing so. For the past 2 years we have been doing intensive therrasuit therapy with her and we can see a marked improvement in her progress - both motor skills and cognitive. Keira's weekly therapists are also very confident about these therapies and have seen vast improvements. Before Keira's first intensive therapy (age 2) she was unable to sit unaided and was just mastering how to roll over. Keira can now sit unaided and is also able to play on her own or with her little brother, this was an unthinkable task before the therapy. She is also now able to crawl (bunny hop) which gives her the freedom she needs to explore.

Keira is now at a stage where she wants to stand up and climb. We feel that with alot of dedication with these therapies Keira will achieve her goal of standing and also hopefully walk one day. Unfortunately these therapies are very expensive and not funded for. We need all the help you guys can give us to help Keira in her progression.

We are planning on doing a 40 dive session of HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) then straight after do a 3 week session of intensive therrasuit therapy. We plan on doing this in Florida at Innovative childrens therapy as they are right next door to the HBOT therapy and there is a Ronald Macdonald house nearby for accommodation.

We would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for all your support the biggest thank you coming from Keira herself, without your support none of this would be possible.

Please feel free to ask me for any information you require about Keira and her condition.
God bless.

Keira es mi hija y acaba de cumplir 4 anos. Keira es mi campeona y muy luchadora y estamos muy orgullosas de ella. Aun que tiene sus limitaciones ella lucha para poder hacer cosas como los demas. Tiene una fuerza de voluntad muy grande y tiene mucha pacienca la hora de aprender. Keira tiene su propia pesonalidad y se enamora qualquiera, es muy grande.

Keira sufrio falta de oxigeno al nacer por culpa de un disprendimiento de placenta y nacio sin latido de corazon y tardaron 15 minutos en reanimar la y 2 injectiones de adrenalina. Despues de todo ella estaba ingresada en la uci 5 semanas y tenia convulsiones desde 24 horas de vida. Ahora sufre de paralisis cerebral spastica athetoid quadriplejica y epilepsia.

Keira lleva desde los 6 meses haciendo physioterapia y estimulacion y sus terapuetas dicen que es una nina muy fuerte con mucha fuerza de voluntad. En estos pasados 2 anos hemos realizado 2 terapias intensivos de therrasuit y los resultados son muy notables. Pensamos que con mucho esfuerzo y trabajo con estas terapias ( y las que recibe aqui ) ella podria llegar a caminar y tener la libertad que ella necesita. Por desgracia estas terapias son muy caras y necesitamos mucho ayuda de ustedes para poder pagarlas.

Queremos hacer 40 buceos en HBOT (terapia hyperbarico de oxigeno) y 3 semanas de terapia intensiva therrasuit. Queremos hacer lo en Florida en Innovative childrens therapy ya que ellos estan al lado de la terapia HBOT y la casa Ronald Macdonald esta cerca para alojarnos ahi.

Quiero agradezer todos que estan para apoyarnos en nuestra lucha. Si necesitan qualquier information sobre Keira o sobre las terapias no duden en poner se en contacto conmigo.

Que Dios les bendiga.
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