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This is the 'Support Christine' fundraiser. The funds will be used for Christine Jones' medical costs and expenses not covered by insurance.

Christine Jones is a recent Liberty University graduate student (as of May 2012) who enjoys writing. Ms. Jones just celebrated her 37th birthday on May 9th, 2012 and she did so alone. For a long time, Christine was actively involved in helping others in the Lafayette and Hempstead Counties of Arkansas. Additionally, she participated in many community service activities while attending college in both Massachusetts and Texas. Things changed when Christine took sick.

Sadly, Christine has been fighting a brain tumor since doctors first diagnosed it in October 2001. This is a real tumor and a huge problem for Christine. She has taken a number of mediciations for a variety of reasons as they are necessary, but taking a break when it is possible to do so, from the medicines.

Doctors told Christine the brain tumor's location makes it difficult to remove. Such a risky surgery could cause further brain damage and possibly even death. Doctors also indicated the brain tumor would lead to additional health issues for Christine. Over the years, that has proved to be true.

Besides the many clinics Christine has visited, she has travelled back and forth to UAMS, Little Rock, Arkansas for medical attention. At first, it involved the brain tumor. Then in 2010, Christine was diagnosed by Colom & Carney of Texarkana, Arkansas to have eye tumors. She then had to get them surgically removed by UAMS, Little Rock, Arkansas. That is a must so the tumors won't lead to cancer, blindness or other eye issues. When they return and are large enough to cause eye problems, the surgery happens all over again. By the grace of the Lord Almighty, Christine has gone through each one of these surgeries without further complications.

On December 5, 2010, Chrisitne began severely bleeding in Walmart Supercenter's parking lot. She ended up going across the street to a gas station and asking the cashier to call the ambulance. Christine was then rushed to St. Michael's hospital in Texarkana, Arkansas. Doctors stabilized Christine, thinned her blood, and gave her 2 IV's. She had some additional tests run. It was determined the bleeding had been, in part, caused by an infection. Doctors told Christine to return to ER as often as necessary during the times of severe bleeding. Between December 2010 and February 2011, she went a total of 7 times. All the rest trips were to ER in the area in which she resides. Christine still deals with bleeding issues. However, they are not as severe as before. And any time they approach that risk, Christine is put on extreme medications to stabilize the situation.

As doctors said in 2001, the brain tumor would cause additional health issues. And it has done just that.

Insurances have left Christine Jones holding the medical expenses for all these health problems. She is on a fixed income that barely helps her get through each month. Christine had only survived before by taking her student refunds (which really were leftover student loan money) and paying the specialists, buying the medicines, and giving the person who drove her to the hospital gas money (which is not cheap, especially for going from Hope, Arkansas to Little Rock, Arkansas and back).

Right now, Christine seldom goes anywhere and deals with severe pains daily. All the sickness has taken a toll on Christine's pocketbook. She has been drained physically, mentally, financially, socially, and spiritually.

To help Christine get back to more surgeries and to continue to see those specialists that require upfront payments, please donate. Even with copays, one trip to a specialist takes up to $400. Whatever amount can be raised, Christine is thankful to you for caring enough to do so. As always, Christine has her life in the hands of the Lord.

Thank you for all donations and support. Above all else, thank you for the continued prayers. Please don't let Christine continue to feel like no one cares about her. Christine believes God is a miracle worker and prays daily for him to bring one into her own life.

God bless you,
Christine Jones

If you prefer to mail a check, you may do so in Christine’s name and send it to: Christine Jones, PO Box 1636, Hope, Arkansas 71802. If you have questions or would like the phone number to personally speak with Christine about a donation, please email her for details at:

She will answer as quickly as possible. Thanks again.
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