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I'm trying to raise enough money so that Lola can get the eye surgery that she really needs.

Hi, my name is Aliyah Nichols I am 16 years old and I am from California. I have contacted you in hopes that you will help bring my dog back to me. I owned a pug named Lola and on Christmas Day she got into a little fight with my mom's dog Otis and her eye popped out of the socket. My mom and I rushed her to a Vet Emergency Hospital in Berkeley. Lola's doctor was a very nice lady that promised that she could fix Lola and her eye. My mother and I were very pleased with the news until the secretary came into the waiting room with the bill which was about 1300 dollars. Unfortunately, my mother is a single parent with 10 month old boy so we didn't have anything close to that amount of money. We told the secretary that and she mentioned a care credit that we couldn't apply for because of my mom's bad credit. The outcome was that my dog had to be surrendered. I left the Vet hysterical, my dog was my life and in a instant was taken away from me. Lola was the first dog I ever had, my daughter, and best friend. She was a gift for me after my cat that I had for 14 years passed away. The Vet doctor promised to take care of her and she said that she knew a woman in another state who loved pugs and might take care of her. That news nearly sent me into a depression because I can't live without my Lola. For the past 2 days I have tried my hardest to find a solution to this horrible dilemma but my entire family doesn't have enough money to help and they have given up hope for me getting Lola back. In a last attempt I tried to ask my Dad to pay the bill, which he agreed to do but when I contacted the doctor she agreed to give the dog back but also added that Lola's eye was back in the socket but would need much more check ups then originally thought. She said the checkup appointments cost would be in the 1000's. After her call I felt as though I took one step forward to take one step back. But I still didn't give up, I contacted my cousin so he could help me sell everything I had in order to pay her future bills. After I took an estimate of how much my belongings would cost it wouldn't even be close to how much I would need. Driving back to my home I tell my mom that in order to pay her bills to cut off my phone, turn off my T.V., and to not buy me any food so that we could save some money. Unfortunately my mom says that even with all those cut backs it wouldn't be nearly enough. I have exhausted every option I could think of but still haven't given up hope. Lola is my dog and I love her so much that every thing reminds me of her. I cry whenever I walk around my house. I can't sleep in my room because she was the one who always slept with me. Being so tight on money I don't go out much and Lola was basically my only friend and her loss has made me beyond lonely. I can't sleep because my mind is constantly thinking of ways to get her back. I am the ONLY person in my family who hasn't given up hope on getting her back. In another attempt to get my beloved Lola back I have contacted you in hopes that you could maybe, hopefully, help my mom and I pay the Vet bills so I could get my dog back. Please help me. I have tried every single thing I could think of. Please help me get Lola back. Please.
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