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Aly, once a strong Personal Trainer, has fought CFIDS/ME, a serious, incurable immune disease, for 20 years - she is losing the battle.

Aly suffers from fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, respiratory infections and super bugs, occipital neuralgia headaches and an inability to regulate her heart rate or body temperature. Last year we learned that Aly has a genetic defect which does not allow her body to metabolize B12 or Folic Acid - and now she must take special forms of these essential supplements - but she fears, as do I, that the neurological damage from the lack of these vitamins has already been done - hence the awful sleep disturbances, and her extreme nerve pain. Recently she was hospitalized for several days due to a seriously MRSA infected wound - and is on IV antibiotics almost as often as not. She is very weak and lives with a great deal of pain, due to the damage to her cervical spine and central nervous system from the CFIDS/ME itself, and from the re-occoring viral and bacterial infections to which her body lacks the proper antibody response that is present in normal, healthy people. She has medicare, but it does not cover about $400. of the monthly medications and supplements prescribed to control her illness, and lessen the risk of infection.

 To make matters worse, Aly is now facing foreclosure on her home, and needs help to relocate.If anyone knows of an affordable rental in the Palm Beach County,Florida area, it would be a great blessing. There is a severe lack of very low income housing available, and Aly has not even been able to get on a waiting list for 3 years.
I have helped as much as I can but I am 78, living on a fixed income with a sick husband in a house that is literally falling apart. I have maxed out my credit to help her - but now there is no more money! She is getting worse. Like all CFIDS/ME patients, Aly already faces a 25 year less than average life expectancy. I am worried that without help she will die - not directly from CFIDS/ME, but from the strain that the constant infections place on her heart, or from the great risk that this disease places its sufferers to Lymphoma or Luekemia. Any amount will help.

Thank you and Bless you!  Maxine - Aly's Mom!

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