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This is the "Give Mr. P a Left Hand" fund. The funds will be used for Paul's medical costs and future therapy related expenses.

The 3D sisters (Dee, Deb, and Dawn) or Mr. P (Paul Tickel) are uniting to raise funds to cover his extensive medical bills and ongoing future therapy.

Our brother a very selfless, loving and caring person has blessed us with so much love and unconditional support as we, his sisters, married and raised our children. Paul has never married or had children of his own, but he has always been involved with his three nephews. one great nephew, six neices, and six great neices.

October 2011 Mr. P was involved in an accident that left his left hand unusable. He underwent several surgeries and almost lost his life. He is facing extensive rehabilatative physical therapy to be able to regain the use of his hand. The cost to "give Mr. P a left hand" will also be extensive. He is facing large hospital bills already and currently does not have any medical insurance. Here is Paul's story as he tells it:

“Twice now, in my relatively short 43 year life I have walked the foot steps leading to deaths door. The first, when I was 9 a belligerent wave at the beach decided to play rougher than I expected and dragged me under. I had drowned and was embracing the floating peace under the surface when a generous stranger agreed I was too young to quit and brought me back, thank you mystery stranger! The second time I flirted with death was recently and like the first- a complete surprise. I was renovating a bathroom and was in the process of pulling a large mirror off the wall when it split horizontally. The top half came down like a guillotine on my wrist; severing the artery, two tendons, and the nerve.
When this mirror accident occurred in October I was lucky to have my friend Christian Tanner standing next to me because he saved my life! We wrapped the wound and he drove me immediately to the Washington Medical center and was admitted promptly when they saw my grey pallor... apparently I was 4 pints low. The Doc said about 10 more minutes and I would have been kissing the sky.
If you know me then you know I'm the kind of guy who says, "blood...hmm, got any duct tape?" The nice medical people squashed any thoughts I might have had about leaving the hospital early. They explained it would be several days and a couple surgeries before my departure. This news was not good, as I don't currently have medical insurance.
Throughout my life I have been pretty proud of my abilities to pay my bills on time, keep insurances for cars, life, and health. I carried health insurance from 1990 until May of 2011. I was laid off in 2005 and started paying the full premiums myself. During the 21 years of carrying insurance I used it twice for minor issues but watched the cost rise and rise. Towards the end it was almost $500 per month and after heated arguments with the provider I was forced to cancel due to my lack of income. Boy I am sure they are happy! The total bill for my 2 second accident, 4 days in the hospital, and some expensive aspirin is now over $54,000.00.
I have recently found out how hard it is to ask the people you know and love for help when the majority of your life you have been self sufficient. I was always the guy who had extra to give, buy the nice gifts for family and friends, and donate to charities. I even had the chance eight years ago to be a co-founder in a non-profit organization here in Annapolis that volunteers its time and money to others in need (still vice president). Because of the extreme costs of this injury I went looking for financial aid. Since I have paid into the system since before I was 16 years old and am fairly poor due to the economy I figured I had a chance for help... but because I don't have kids, I don't live in the gutter, and or I'm not a minority I don't qualify. Apparently if you make more than $7000 a year you are too rich to qualify. WOW what an eye opener!”
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