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We are hoping to start a family. My husband and I have both faced minor and major infertility issues and now are faced with Invitro for our best chance at having a family.

My husband and I have been together for 11 years now, married for almost 2 of them. We have been trying to start a family for some time. I have had a history of Endometriosis and Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrom which has made infertility a reality for us. For the past 11 years I have spent a lot of time dissecting, discussing and attempting to nip this in the bud with my doctors. I have had 3 surgeries to remove scar tissue to aid in relieving abdominal pain and to remove blockages to allow an egg to travel through, tried inducing temporary menopause and many more. I honestly thought my husband and I would not share the joy of having a baby. Then, 2 years ago we had a miscarriage when we didn't know we were pregnant. I know for most, this is very devastating. For us, new hope. We at the least were pregnant even if for only a short while. We kicked it up a notch at that point. We did a year of basic fertility meds called Clomid with zero luck. Then moved on to see a fertility specialist. With his help, we made the decision to try artificial insemination. Essentially what this is, (here comes the medical lessons!) I receive follistim injections to produce eggs, then they take my husbands sperm, spin it so that its concentrated, and then suck it up in a long thin tube and insert it...well...ya me. It's helpful because it places the sperm in the middle of their long journey so they don't have to travel so far to find my eggs.  (if there are even any eggs in the sacks) After using every bit of savings, we did 3 attempts. On the second attempt we did get pregnant again but unfortunately we had another miscarriage. So, after the heartbreak we decided its not fun right now and we should take a break! So we did. "Let's just let nature take its course for a while!" was our mantra. Now, 8 months later, only 2 periods have occurred and I have only ovulated on 1, we found ourselves back talking with the doc more frustrated than ever. Nature can't take it's course if it doesn't even know its route! So a long heart to heart ensued and basically this is what has come of it...With PCOS and Endometriosis together, having a regular period is out the question, we will need help with that. Also, with my history in consideration of not conceiving for 8 years then having 2 miscarriages in 2 years and to bypass having a 4th surgery to "clean" my uterus up again, my doc has whole heartedly recommend we try Invitro Fertilization. Let me explain how that works...(more educational lessons!) They pump me full of medication that cost roughly $3000, put me to sleep when as many eggs that can form have formed and retrieve them through a long needle inserted....well again, ya know....then they take my husbands sperm he has so awkwardly donated,  fertilize the eggs in a small dish and then put the fertilized eggs back in me with hopefully a bright future of maybe a President or Brooding Artist coming from them. Essentially all this is around $9500 if we go through the Reproductive Health and Fertility Center with Dr. Jacek W. Graczykowski. My insurance is great, however, it does not cover any fertility treatments. My employer is what they consider Self Insured which means that they are not required to pay for fertility coverage as is mandated by our state law. So...we save and save and save. But maybe, with a little extra help from those who can relate or understand our desire to have a family, we might be able to do it a little sooner than we could now. We have looked into financing the whole procedure, however with the financial crisis looming, banks aren't as easily generous with unsecured loans as they once were and I can understand why. I admit, it's somewhat awkward fundraising for my own fertility, but most of know that we do anything for family...or in my case to start a family!

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