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The family and friends of Brian K. Meiller have united with communities everywhere to raise funds for medical expenses to fight his cancer.

Brian is a 55 year old husband and father of 4, and is facing the biggest fight of his life right now. A few months ago he was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer that has spread to his lymph-nodes and the cavity surrounding his stomach. Every day is a struggle for him to just obtain the basic necessities of life, and it is amazing that although he wakes every morning in pain and discomfort, he still is ready and willing to make someone laugh. That's just the type of person he is.

He is currently undergoing an aggressive regiment of chemo therapy every other week, which really takes away a lot of his spirit. His treatment plan is what you would call standard for this type of cancer, but as of late his numerous medical tests have shown that although the cancer has not grown, it has not diminished either. He has been participating in these grueling chemo infusion for months now, and it is now time for a much needed change.

Brian tends to be a very private individual when it comes to himself and would never seek help from others. Yet, he always jumps at the chance to comfort someone in need and can find a joke that fits the situation in a blink of an eye. Brian is always concerned with the welfare of others, and at times will forsake his own best interests to obtain happiness in others and that includes giving someone money out of his own pocket. So his family and friends and the whole community have come together to help him for a change. If ever there is a person who deserves any assistance, it is this loving man.

There is a rare treatment available if our fundraising goals can be met, it is called Neutron Radiation Therapy, and it has been known to create miracles for patients with inoperable tumors, as it is with Brian's. It is related to chemo and radiation therapy, in that it is an ongoing medical treatment, but what differs is that it uses neutron radiation to attack the cancer cells. Neutrons, for those of us who are not science savvy, are very powerful particles. What is tremendous about this treatment is that it works on any stage of cancer and prevents the cancer cells from ever regenerating. The drawback of new medical treatments is the cost associated with it.

If we meet our set goals in fundraising, then not only will Brian have the funds to use on his current medical bills (for example his expensive diabetic formula for his feeding tube needed seven times a day), but for the advanced treatment as well. Plus we would like to donate one-third of the funds generated to charity, which specializes in research for early detection of stomach cancer. As is the case with so many people, Brian included, by the time symptoms are starting to present themselves, the diagnosis is already falling into the stage 4 category. As a result, there are limited methods of treatment for the illness and very little time left for the person to organize the final details of their life. One of Brian's final wishes is to travel to California to visit with his elderly father, and hopefully if any of the funds remain we can grant him this reunion.

So let's all pull together as a community and help this amazing man and give back to him half of what he has given to us. It does not take much from one individual to make a difference. Even in these hard financial times, we can take a little here and a little there, and that collective will add up to something amazing. Thank you everyone for your wholehearted consideration into this close and very personal matter of ours, and Bless You all for your help.
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