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Minda's apartment went up in flames last night. She lost everything she owns.

January 9, 2013

We are in the final days of our fundraiser.  5 days left to go.  Minda moves to Washington, DC this weekend and will be in her own REAL home for the first time in over a month!  Let get to our goal! 


December 20, 2012

Another blog update from Minda as she expresses her gratitude and thanks. You all are amazing for your generosity! Thank you!


December 6, 2012

A blog update from Minda

Thanks for you continued efforts to share and give.  

December 2, 2012

Mr. Corso has provided another update on his blog. This one is SURE to make you smile. Especially if you know about Minda's Kitchen Aid Mixer :)

Thanks for the updates Tony.


December 1, 2012

Minda is heading back to Tallahassee this weekend.  Monday she will see her apartment and the damage for the first time.  As I'm sure you can imagine there will be a wave of reality as she see's all of her things desroyed from the fire.  Please keep Minda in your thoughts and prayers this week.  In the meantime Mr. Corso, Minda's Dad wrote the most amazing blog about Minda, and so wonderfully depicts the spirit of his daughter.  As of today we are halfway to our goal.  There is no doubt in my mind that it will be surpassed; God is providing!  If you would like to send gift cards to Minda you can contact me for an address to mail them to at 

Here is a link to Mr. Corso's blog post.  

Thank you all again for your support. 

November 28, 2012

A status update from Minda along with pictures from the fire.  These will make you cry. 

I'm just now getting to my computer after a very long day. Words can't describe how overwhelmed I feel by the support and love each of you have shown. Please do not take my silence as ungratefulness. I'm just overwhelmed. I can't even being to comprehend all that has happened today. While these pictures will show the devastation that occurred today- please know my heart is no where near the same sort of state.
We have had many phone calls texts and messages from family, friends, and completel strangers reaching out in love to Minda.  One thing is for sure...she is LOVED. 
More updates to come soon.



November 27, 2012‎

Minda Corso flew to Washington, DC this past weekend for work. Annual conference where she is super busy. She got a call early this morning from her apt. complex to verify where she was. Her apt. went up in flames this morning. She lost most everything she owns. One of the fews items salvaged where her most prized possessions, years worth of journals and letters she has kept and are very dear to her. If you know Minda, that's probably all she would have asked for.

Pretty overwhelming for her right now to process all this. Your prayers are appreciated. Cause of fire- careless smoker tossed a still lit cigarette

Minda did not have renters insurance on this apartment, so anything will help her.  So far there have been so many friends, family, and even strangers who have come forth to help this amazing woman.  

I'm sure we could all fill up this page up with what an amazing friend, sister, co-worker, spiritual leader, and woman that Minda is to all of us...but you already know. So I will keep this short and simple. Thanks for taking the time to give.  You can e-mail me at if you have any further questions about the fundraiser.  The funds will go directly to Minda after the January 13th deadline. We can also change the deadline if we need to.  Let's share and spread the word as fast as we can! Minda is still in DC at this point, and isn't answering many calls or texts.  Please e-mail her your love and support to

Your words of encouragement will mean to much to her, and your contribution will help her to rebuild some of those precious things that were lost. 

Thank you all. 



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