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Last year Nick's hands started to swell, no reason could be found, skin on the back turned black, died and surgically removed. Cannot work.

5 years ago Wendy married Nick Sterioti. Right before they got married they both lost their jobs. For a long time Wendy was not able to find work. Nick got a job as a tow truck driver. Then Nick lost his job, got another towing job. Towing does not pay much but they could keep food on the table.

In 2012, February- April, Nicks hands started to swell. He kept working until it was impossible to continue. His blood work was sent to multiple places such as the Cleveland Clinic, and no reason could be found for this infection that caused the swelling. They kept swelling until they got to 3 times their normal size. They hurt so much that he was in constant pain but he continued to work covering them up in the hopes that no one would know. Finally the skin on the back of his hands turned black, died.

In June of 2012 he went in for surgery to have all the skin removed. He was supposed to get a skin graft but the doctor never got around to it, too busy and they had no insurance.

It is a year now and the skin has not grown back (see the pictures) and he has obviously not been able to work. It could actually take another couple of years for his hands to get completely better.

Because of the way they were bandaged by the doctors they now look as if he could be hanging from a bar, not able to straighten his fingers. His right hand is getting better, his left is taking much, much longer. Nick has lost over 80 pounds.

Wendy has been working a part time job making only about $200.00 a week, if that, at a job where she is never sure that they will not come up with some way to hold the money owed to her back.

Do you know how hard it is to live on that little money and get food, pay bills Etc.? Needless to say their medical bills top $200,000.00 They have NO way to pay this back.

See Nicholas Sterioti on Facebook for his before and now pictures.

We are asking everyone to please help them Give whatever you can afford, even a dollar would be a great help.
PLEASE help them
Thank you-
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