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The family and friends of Cyndi Lamoreaux are uniting to raise money to help with her fight against a very rare cancer (ALCL). Please help!

My name is Angie Isham and I am raising money for a dear friend of mine Cynthia Lamoreaux, aka Cyndi. Cyndi has been diagnosed with a very rare cancer, Ana plastic Large Cell Lymphoma which is a (Non Hodgkins T-cell Lymphoma) associated with breast implants. She is 36 yrs old, a loving wife and mother of two children and a great friend.

When Cyndi was 25 she had to undergo a partial hysterectomy and was left feeling less than a woman. Her husband and parents decided for her birthday they would get her a breast augmentation in hopes of making her feel better about herself. However, in November 2011 she began having some swelling/pain in her breasts. She visited her Plastic Surgeon for an exam and he determined she had an infection. He put her on strong antibiotics for 2 weeks. During that time the swelling/pain and tenderness got worse. She went back to see him and he stated, she needed to have the implants replaced with new ones. He gave her an estimate of $10,000.00.

Cyndi was afraid to have surgery with an "active infection" so she got a second opinion from a Plastic Surgeon that was in another state. He did run some tests but couldn't find out what was wrong. Three Months later she received a certified letter from the surgeon in New Jersey requesting her return for a fluid biopsy to check for this rare disease. Cyndi lives in Pennsylvania and couldn't afford the trip back to New Jersey. She took the certified letter from doctor to doctor requesting somebody do the critical fluid biopsy to find out if she had the cancer.

Because this cancer is so rare, very few doctors have heard of it, much less, know how to treat it. Her original Plastic Surgeon also had discarded her records which resulted in her being unable to get another Plastic Surgeon to remove the implants. As her frustration grew with the medical community unfortunately the cancer had grown as well. She now had a 10cm x 10cm mass on her ovary directly related to the implants. She has undergone surgery to remove the mass but continues being scanned weekly (PET scans,CT scans,MRI's) all looking for more masses.

She is in need of having the implants removed to keep this from spreading to her liver. If it spreads to the liver or bone, there is little hope of recovering. Cyndi has finally found a surgeon who has agreed to remove the implants. However, they are charging her $18,000.00 to remove the implants. This does not include her chemotherapy and radiation and whatever else she is facing in the future.

I am asking that you please help my friend fight this battle. Some people believe because she opted for the implants she is responsible for whatever complications arise from that choice. I say to that, when she opted for them there was no warning, if she knew she would be fighting for her life 10 years later she would NOT have gotten them. It is directly linked to textured implants!

Please help me raise money for my friend so she can get these implants out. A woman should not be punished with a life sentence because she wanted to feel like a woman.

Since May she has seen 5 different Oncologists. Because of the rarity of this disease there are no specific treatments for those who have it. She is being treated with experimental drugs which insurance rarely covers. The cost of medicine alone is staggering. She has lost more than 30lbs since June and is now down to 101 lbs. She is having horrible night sweats which drench her entire body, clothes, and bed. Without the removal of the implants she will NOT get better. She will continue to get worse and more masses will develop. And as I said before once this aggressive disease enters the liver or the bone her chances of surviving are very slim.

She is continually sick and in a lot of pain and is still fighting for survival. Her daily struggles to find a doctor that understands her disease and knows how to treat her is taking a toll on her mentally, physically and emotionally. She needs help! And as her friend I am advocating on her behalf.

Please give to Cyndi so she can have a chance to fight this disease. Her husband and children love her and don't want to lose her because of financial strains. She needs this surgery as soon as possible. Without it there is no hope!

Cyndi is also willing to share her story with others. If you or someone you know has implants feel free to contact me Angie at or Cyndi at for more information. This could save other lives as well as Cyndi's.

Thank you for any donations and prayers are certainly appreciated!

Any money that is given to Cyndi's cause will be used for exactly that. If there are funds that are not needed for her specific cause it will be donated directly back into give forward for others in need.

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