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Please help support this family! All donations will cover expenses not covered by FSA and Vet bills. Hugs and prayers welcome too!

You never fully understand Job's story until you are losing everything yourself.

The York family (3 of the 5 are medically certified and actively volunteer with a local Ambulance Corp) has been struggling for so long it feels like the floors are ready to cave! We seriously need the help and support of friends and family right now to help us survive.

Becky, disabled for about 6 yrs now is struggling with a very bad immune system and a multitude of other serious health conditions that disable her even more. Never being relieved from the constant infections, medications run her life to keep her doing what she can to support her family. Her life relies on weekly infusions of other peoples blood product to keep her antibodies within a normal range. These infusions cost $3500 a week still cheaper than her previous IVIG treatments at $8000 biweekly.
Greg was recently diagnosed with Stage 3b Hodgkin's Lymphoma in February 2011. This news came to them on their anniversary and just before Becky's 3rd hospitalization in 2 months. The doctor pulled him out of work immediately with chemo to start the following week after diagnoses and various same day surgery procedures to prep him for treatment. Hes been out of work for over 19 weeks now and is forced to go back to work even though he is still receiving chemo. He is getting the run around from work about his coming back. Its important he doesn't lose his job not only for the income but the insurance that pays for Becky's weekly infusions. His job is still in limbo (hoping we hear something sometime this week!).
Nicole is the healthiest one in the bunch but has periodic issues with her von Willebrands disease ( a common less severe form of hemophilia). She too requires medication made from other peoples blood that is costly at $2000 for a 25 day supply.
Brianna is a miracle baby who has almost lost her life 2 times in the first 9 months. This left her impaired and created holes in her brain effecting her learning and her memory. She also carries mom's terrible immune system receiving sub q treatments weekly even though she is afraid of needles. She has asthma, von Willebrands and various other medical issues. She has over come struggles in school and seizure activity within the past 5 yrs. Her brain tumor has been stable for the last 3 MRI's and showed no growth! After switching schools Brianna now has ended this past year with honors in 2 quarters of the school year.
Courtney the youngest shows signs of frequent infections like mom and sister but has shown to have normal antibodies. A referral to an ID has been placed and more testing will be needed to see if she will need sub q treatments as well. Courtney was the beginning of the testing for von willebrands when she almost lost her life from bleeding out after a surgery to remove her adenoids and tonsils at 5yo. She recieved 2 blood transfusions to replace what she lost and was in ICU for 3 days. This trait also comes from mom.

In between health crisis and financial crisis this family still struggles day to day on minimal help. The state declined food stamp help and only helps with the childrens and Gregs secondary insurance. There is no extra money for too much and what little they have is slowly breaking bit by bit. Funds are used up and dry as well as child support to a halt. The animals can't go to the vet and there is no help available to pay for Boots (14 yo family cat with active medical issues and is slowly dying).
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