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Our little superhero needs a new car seat, but superheroes need SUPER seats! Help her parents get what she needs for safety and comfort!

Emily is a beautiful, smart, spunky, AMAZING little girl. She has so much awesome in her that, due to mitochondrial disease, her little body cannot produce the energy it needs for daily tasks. Super Em is often exhausted, and spends a lot of time lounging about plotting to take over the world. Something that is very difficult for Emily is riding in the car. She has a lot of trouble maintaining the position she needs to be safe, because her body just can't produce enough energy to support her posture for very long. While she can handle a few minutes, anything longer than that leaves her tired and in pain. Her little body just can't do it. Because of her family's remote location, and her rare disease, several times a year she makes a very long trip to specialists, and Emily just can't handle that trip without a very supportive and safe seat. Despite Emily's medical conditions (which also include epilepsy and neuropathy), her insurance company deems a car seat to be a convenience item. Well yes, it would be darn convenient to keep this little superhero safe and comfortable, don't you think? The seat that will best suit Emily's needs is a Recaro Monza Reha with a few additional pieces. This is a booster with a positioning harness and pads. It will allow her to be a "big kid" in a booster, while still being safe and completely supported. It's also nearly $1700 when outfitted to her needs. Luckily, that cost spread over a few hundred people is little more than a grande iced caramel macchiato! I can teach you to make that at home, folks. For realz. So, let's get this thing done for this superkid. She's a jokester, a genius, and a lapdog. She's saving the world, and it's only fair that the world repays a bit of the favor.

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