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Family and friends of Heinke Mehl are uniting together to raise money to help in her battle against lymphatic cancer. Please support her!

Please help us support our mother as she fights 4th stage Lymphatic cancer. Our mother, Heinke Mehl, has been in a battle with 4th Stage Lymphatic Cancer since her diagnosis in December 2010, and she is making headway against it, but running out of funding for her treatments.

We have been doing everything possible for her to defeat this dreaded disease. Due to her weakened state of health when the diagnosis finally was made, our family decided to search for a doctor to treat her cancer with an approach that would not overwhelm her with the traditional chemotherapy drugs that are so damaging to the body. (Sometimes, when using this type of treatment, it cures the cancer, but ends up killing the patient!) We (her family and friends) all knew she would not survive even the first 6 months of this treatment method, as she was so weak, and the cancer had spread so far throughout her body system. We really had no other option but to look for another approach if there was any hope of saving her life.

We found an oncologist out-of-state, who uses an approach that integrates traditional (allopathic). naturopathic and homeopathic medicine to heal his patients, and he has an 80% success rate. This approach basically fights the cancer as well as boosting her body's ability to heal itself--and it is working!! In less than a month and a half, she is no longer in the advanced stages of cancer (stage 4), and is overcoming it with the treatments and the many prayers of friends, family and others. We thank God for her renewed life, and the hope of beating this illness.

The GOOD news is that our mother has turned the corner and is winning this battle against cancer, but the bad news is that most of the treatments she has had are not covered by her Medicare associated insurance plan. Moreover, she still has more cancer treatments pending. These treatments must be paid for with other funding. The cost of traveling, accommodations, and deductibles add to this financial burden.

So, she has used all of her own small reserve of funds to pay for these lifesaving treatments since her Social Security payment is just enough to cover her living expenses. Members of our family have contributed time-off from work, and whatever financial assistance we can to complete research, take care of her needs, help her travel to medical treatments, etc.

Please helps us help her! We need help to fund the remainder of her treatments so vital for her to conquer cancer and restore her health.

We would appreciate ANY help you can give, prayer, finances, passing information on in facebook or Email, etc.--no amount is too small!

In placing this fundraiser here, we are trusting God that He can use it to supply all her needs, so she can be with her family for many years to come.

Thank you for praying.
Thank you for visiting this web page.
Thank you for following what the Lord has placed upon your heart in this matter. He is faithful, and we believe in His provision for our mother and our family as we support her to regain her health, that she may live to honor Him again with her life.

We appreciate your love, support and prayers!

Heinke's children-

Christina and Robert Karle
Grandchildren Sierra, Heather, and Ellie
Richard and Silvia Mehl
Grandchildren Naomi and Dustin
Joanne Mehl and Peter Fraser

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