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They are in need of money just to put gas into their car to get to and from the treatments, not to mention medical bills!

In April of 2010 Jeannie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Stage 3C they called it. Cancer in both breasts, two different types of cancer. The odds of that are astronomical. She started chemotherapy immediately, spending several hours every week at Dexious Oncology.

In October 2011, she underwent a double Mastectomy, also having several Lymph Nodes removed from under each arm. After recovery, she began Radiation Therapy, 64 treatments. She developed an infection under the left arm that required hospitalization again. Then she developed a Hematoma under the right incision, twice they had to operate to clean it out, then they decided to do what is called a Muscle Flap, taking muscle out of her back and putting it under the incision to prevent the Hematoma from coming back. Again, she got and infection. 12 more days in the hospital, immediately followed by a six day stay in the hospital for her husband for his heart!

They thought they had all the cancer killed, but then this year, they did a PET Scan and found a spot on her left lung, it was cancer again. Surgery again, they removed the upper lobe of her left lung along with more Lymph Nodes and followed by still more chemotherapy.

Every Wednesday, every 3rd treatment is a heavy dose, 8 hours at the Oncologists, followed by 4 days in a row of shots. The battle is tougher this time around and she has so much pain, bone deep pain. She also has quite a bit of nausea and is so tired. She will continue to fight this battle. We just wish she could catch a break, have the cancer go away and let her lead a normal life again. And to top all of this, she also has Congestive Heart Failure, how much must she endure???
UPDATE: On May 24th Jeannie's PET scan results came back and her tumors are shrinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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