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Please help bring home our puppy Thor!

I am a single mom of 2 amazing boys, ages 1 and 4...and to our 8 month old puppy Thor.. I am 1 year out of an extremely abusive relationship with their father, who hurt me pretty bad this past May..and was finally arrested on Saturday night. With my first priority being my son's safety and comfort, I quit working about 2 years ago so I can be with them and make sure they feel safe and are getting the counseling and love and structure they need..rather than worrying that if they are with a babysitter, where their dangerous father could possibly steal them from. Now that he is incarcerated I can feel safe enough to work, and I know that one day i'll be able to be the one helping others in a time of need like I am now...but at this time...I am in a very rough financial struggle and I am desperate, asking for any help to save my son's best friend and our protection,my baby...our puppy Thor, who we love with all we've got.I first saw our puppy when he was about 3 months old....roaming the streets looking hungry and like he needed love.....So i'd leave food out for him and when he wasn't too scared to come up to me, my 4 year old son and I would give him love and affection. I was hesitant to call animal control as he looks to be part pit bull and I know that breed doesn't last long in shelters. :( But I also knew running the streets was harmful as I called and thought that he had been picked up...but then I noticed, down the street from my home..that puppy we grew to love.....he had a couple brothers/sisters with him...but they ran from me...Thor came right up to us. Also hesitant to take in a puppy at that time, because one year ago on the 16th of this month, our dog was poisoned when our home was broken into..he passed away in my arms. It was like losing a baby to me. :( Still brings tears to my eyes. Especially the affect it had on my 4 year old son. He still talks about our dog Maddy, daily..and when he prays, he thanks God for giving him food and water and taking care of him and asks to give him hugs and tell him we love him. Maddy was 6 years old, almost 7 when he passed away. I had him since he was 5 weeks old and bottle fed him. He was my first baby. That loss was devastating...still is. Especially now since we have taken in this amazing puppy Thor, who resembles our dog Maddy, in so many ways...his mannerisms..the look in his he lays with my kids and protective he is and how safe he makes us feel....and now Thor is very sick, in the animal hospital since Saturday.:( About 6 days ago, he started acting very tired, which is very unlike I made sure he would eat and drink..well he stopped eating...I tried everything but he would just smell it and look at me so sad....he was still drinking water but not as much as usual...he was barely getting out of bed. He started dry heaving and diarrhea. I constantly was giving him pedialite with a baby medicine dropper....trying to keep him hydrated...while at that 1 year old, 4 year old, and myself, were all sick with a cold. I researched and tried everything I could for him from home because i knew my car in the driveway was close to out of gas and I didn't have many options. But, on Saturday October 8th, I knew he needed medical help. The look on his face is still breaking my heart...thankfully, a family friend was able to take my 4 year old out on the motorcycle that morning, to distract him from seeing Thor so sick, and seeing me put him into my car to go to the vet for help. I ran out of gas on the highway blocking traffic on the way to the hospital.....I thought I was going to lose him then.....we must have had a guardian angel with us that day...because while most of the people driving by were angry throwing their hands for me being in the couple stopped....they took the gas can i had in my car..hurried up the highway and came back and put my gas in and made sure Thor and I were able to safely drive away. We made it to the animal hospital and I could barely talk without crying when I walked in. Thor felt so I remember our dog Maddy feeling in my arms that day he passed. I layed him on the table and just assured him over and over that I love him and he looked so sad and helpless it broke my heart I couldn't fix his pain. The doctor felt his abdominal area and it was evident that it was causing Thor discomfort. Thor's temperature was 105..and his heartbeat was racing fast. The nurse/vet told me that the pattern that his heart was beating..meant that his body was working extremely hard to keep his blood pumping to his heart to keep him alive. I felt so helpless. They tested him for parvo and it came out negative. I just wanted to ease his pain and do the very best for him. The doctor said that having him stay and get fluids through i.v. and more tests, and pain medicine etc. was best for Thor. So I left it up to them. That night, not knowing if he was scared or even okay...was so rough. My son is having a hard time believing he may be able to come home, because he lost his best friend Maddy, just almost one year ago. Sunday, I spoke with somebody at the hospital and they said he seemed "perkier"...he was wagging his tale...but his temperature was 103 and he had a lot of bloody stools over the night. He was tested again for parvo Monday, and again, negative.I asked them to please run more tests and they said the results will be in tomorrow, (Tuesday).For the most part, the vet seems optimistic that he will be okay after more treatment. I can't imagine it being any other way:( As much as I was so scared to get close to another puppy....I did, and so have my sons. Thor means the world to my sons and I and brings so much happiness to our lives...which is huge considering the loss of our dog Maddy, and the abuse their father has put us through. Thor is only 8 months old and still has so much life to live. His love for my kids is amazing and I can't imagine letting him go....or even worse, telling my 4 year old that his new best friend is gone too.
Anything will help. We pray every night and we will never lose hope. Thank you for your time.

To donate:
you can send a check in my name so we can receive the funds quicker:

Kelly Johnson
P.O. Box 371
Crestline, Ca

OR call the animal hospital and they will except donations by phone and credit card.

Arrowhead Animal Hospital
Contact: David Boshoven, DVM
Phone: (909)336-6800
Fax: (909)336-6877
Thank you and God bless.
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