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Wayne was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Co-Infections in March 2015.

He has spent many years struggling with strange symptoms, including headaches, tingling sensations, chest pain, knee pain, shortness of breath, and gastrointestinal issues with no diagnosis. In February 2015 he came home from work and could not bend his fingers and was in severe pain. By morning his entire hand was swollen. What he didn't know then, was that this was the beginning of the beast showing its ugly head. After a week on disability MRI showed inflammation in the hand and he was referred to a rheumatologist who ruled out arthritis. Then on March 14, 2015 Wayne's world came to a halt. Woke up with shortness of breath, pounding heart beat in ears, and fast heart rate. 911 was called and he was rushed to hospital. Wayne was admitted with high heart enzymes and what dr.'s thought was a heart attack. Another attack occurred in hospital and his blood pressure dropped to 74/30 and a heart rate of 160. Wayne prayed to God and promised to quit smoking if he was given another chance.(By the way, he still is cigarette free!!!). Angiogram ruled out heart attack and heart disease. So what was causing his blood pressure to drop? The next day Wayne met his infectious disease dr. which has become his life line. He was diagnosed with Lyme, myocarditis, and eventually co-infections. After a week in the hospital on antibiotics the dr. said he could go home but needed a picc line. A picc line is a line that is inserted by the bicep and goes in a vein all the way to the heart. This is the best way to receive antibiotics for a serious illness.
To date the picc line is still in, even though originally he was told it would be out in 4-6 weeks. He has lost 40 percent hearing in the left ear, and the damage has left him feeling dizzy and off balance all the time. He still can't drive because of this. He struggles with constant pressure like a vice is squeezing his brain. His hair even hurts. His blood pours through his veins like hot lava. Some days are so bad he just stays in bed, and when he has what he calls a good day(which by no means is what a person without this disease would consider normal), he pushes through and tries to get out and do something. His ribs hurt like he has been beat with a baseball bat.
This disease has robbed him of his life. He is a shell of the man he used to be. All he wants is to feel better, drive his own truck(which by the way he hates his wife's driving), and get back to who he used to be.
His medical expenses are great and many things are not covered by insurance. He is not one to ever ask for help, but he needs it. His time will come when he can pay it forward to someone else when they need it. Please help Wayne to continue on his long road to recovery! Thank you for all your support!

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