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Dustin Wray is a two-time survivor of cancer and is currently facing his third battle with the disease. Supporting themselves on one income and faced with mounting medical bills and two young boys to support, the Wrays need your help!

Dear Friends and Family,

Please take a moment to read about a courageous man named Dustin. We are raising money to help pay his medical bills and to support his family. Whether you personally know the Wrays or not, please consider making a donation in whatever amount you are able. All the money raised will go directly to the family and will help ease the struggle they are facing.

Thank you for your support!

Dustin Wray is a warrior. He has battled cancer not once, but twice before and now faces his third fight. His third battle with cancer will not be any less of a fight than his previous ones. This time, it is not just a fight for Dustin but a crusade; a crusade for love and family.

His first bout with cancer was in 1985, when he was 11 years old. He was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma behind his right eye. He underwent massive surgery, chemo, and radiation. After a scary year in and out of hospitals and undergoing countless tests, he was ‘in the clear.’ Other than nerve damage and a scare, he was ‘normal’ again.

Luckily, he was healthy for many more years. However, in 2007 with his wife Amanda pregnant with their first child, a tumor was found in the same location as his previous cancer. Come to find out this tumor was a post-radiation tumor caused by the same radiation that saved his life as a child. The tumor was removed along with his right eye. After his surgery and radiation, he was given a clean bill of health once again.

On June 30, 2010, Dustin broke his arm while on the job. Despite some previous pain and discomfort in his arm, the Wrays never expected the news they received. While getting X-Rays in the ER, 5 tumors were found – in his humerus, right clavicle, and ribs and all of them are malignant. The tests he has received have not been able to determine the exact type of cancer that it is. The cancer is considered high-grade, and so it is a serious condition. The good news is that the strain of cancer it is most similar to is one that is also very sensitive to chemotherapy. He will begin treatments in August.

Dustin fights this battle with cancer not just for himself, but for his young family. He is father to 2 boys; Lazer who is 2 and a half and Zory who is 14 months. Although the drive to fight is innately present, Dustin has even more motivation and inspiration to win because of the love he has for his sons and wife, Amanda.

In addition to the physical fight that lies before Dustin, the Wray family is facing a financial struggle. Dustin is not able to work, and doctors say that he won’t be working again for a long while. Amanda is working as a waitress to support this family of 4. To make matters worse, Dustin will lose the insurance provided by his job soon.

Through it all, the Wrays, their family, and friends know that the outcome of all of this will victorious and inspirational because Dustin Wray is a survivor. Dustin Wray is a warrior.

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