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This is the Ronald Mixon Medical Expenses Fund. It will be used for his medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.

As most of you know Dad was in a horrible car accident on August 21 and has been in the trauma unit at UAB since then. For those of you who do not know my Dad I will tell you a little bit about him.

Ronald Guy Mixon was born on March 8, 1950 and grew up in Maytown, Alabama. He is one of 5 children to Henrietta Herring and the late Guy Mixon.  Dad attended Minor High School and attended North Alabama University (Florence State) for a year then did odd jobs before marrying my mom, Judith Mixon in 1971. Ronnie has two children, Shannon Prefontaine and Ashley Carabajal and five granchildren, Parker (13), Savannah (9), Brianna (10), Sierra (8), and Christian (3). After marrying my mother he joined the Police Academy in 1975 and went to work for Homewood, Alabama Police Dept., Oneonta Police Dept. and retired working for Pleasant Grove Police Dept 6 years ago.  Due to mom going on disability and her medical expenses, they needed insurance so Dad went back to work for Jefferson County, Alabama as security at the Federal Courthouse and not long ago was transferred over to Family Court.  He was going to finally be able to retire in January, but had the notion that he wanted to work for a Sheriff's Dept and train a dog for searches.  I guess he planned on working forever. 

My mom and dad have been married now for 41 years and I have often looked to their marriage for encouragement and wisdom knowing that through all of the trials of marriage they stuck through it and worked it out. Dad was a huge influence in my life and many others. Although he worked most of his policing years at the "Graveyard Shift", it seems he always found time to have fun with my sister and I. Dad coached our softball team many times and umped to make extra money and be with us.   He was able to have a conversation with anyone he met and always took the time to do so even when I knew he did not want to. If anything I will remember Dad as an animal lover. I cannot even count how many dogs, cats, etc. that he came home with through the years because he just could not pass them by.

On August 21, 2012 at 7:15 in the morning Dad was on his way to work. I had just spoken with him before he left.  He was about 400 yards from the subdivision exit and according to the accident report the young lady he hit from behind was travelling in the right lane southbound and Dad was behind her. She states a car had been pushed onto the shoulder due to running out of gas and as she approached they flung their driver door open and she swerved as did Dad. He lost control and the car began to flip several times off the right shoulder off the road. Dad was ejected from the truck.  UAB emergency helicopter took him to UAB trauma in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.  He has been minimally responsive until today due to a brain injury on the brainstem, multiple fractures which include the following: broken shoulder, 3 broken ribs, 2 broken vertebrae, broken pelvic, shattered right hip, two broken legs, and a broken ankle. He had a heart attack because of all of the trauma and has been on a ventilator to help him breath. He is going to be in the hospital for quite some time and insurance will partially cover the costs. Beyond hospital costs there will be surgeries, physical therapy, major changes made at house to accommodate a wheelchair, medical equipment, and so much more. Family and the church will help out as much as possible but we know the costs will be beyond our imagination and beyond anything Mom & Dad, or family can spare. Mom herself is on early retirement disability due to Multiple Sclerosis and had her own issues when she had to go to court to fight for her Social Security early. She lost a good bit of what she would have gotten due to paying lawyer fees. Her health is holding but I am afraid that the stress of all of this with Dad will cause relapses.  If Dad does not recover well enough to come home we will be looking at paying for long term care in a nursing home and it breaks my heart to think about it.  Mom and Dad lived a very humble Christain life and gave to those in need many a time when they did not have it to give. They have always been there for spiritual and monetary support to family, friends, and many times strangers. Dad always thought the one time he chose not to help that the stranger was an angel in disguise and it bothered him. I have set up this site for those who have expressed  Interested in helping monetarily. We appreciate any and all that you do and feel blessed to have such amazing people in our life.

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