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this is a fundraiser for Cindy Blackwell. She needs brain surgery for a disease called Arnold Chiari Malformation. please help!

My name is Jeff Blackwell. I am the husband of Cindy Blackwell whom has been diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation. I am going to try and give you some insight to what she has been through as well as our family. Here goes.
On December 15th 2010 Cindy had a horrible car crash on her way home from work. This was the same day I had shoulder surgery(I had only been home for 3 hours). The crash had broken her back, some ribs, and fractured her ankle(No paralysis) . She was hit in the back by a young man texting. Cindy spent 3 days in the hospital. There we were ...Both layed up and out of work due to injuries. I had to hurry up and get back to work in order to provide for the family. Cindy was told she could go back to work before I was. I did not understand that. I mean really...Her back had been broken. I finally went back to work and we started trying to dig ourselves out the finacial mess we were in. The insurance settlement barely covered medical bills and lawyer fees. After months of doctor telling her she was fine I began to get frustrated thinking "how could so many doctors be wrong". Then she went for a dental appointment and the dentist told her of a doctor in NC she should try after hearing her story. She went and seen Dr. Flechas and now we finally had some answers. Not a good answer...but...finally!! A diagnosis and some options. She went through an aray tests...Tilt Table test(which was positve), Neurogenic bladder test(this tells if the brain is sending the correct signal. And in her case the brain is not), Vision test, hearing tests, and an MRI to confirm The Chiari. Now all of these test told a grim tell to say the least. Cindy has blurred vision, some hearing loss in her left ear, Her bladder does not function properly, Her cardiovascular system is amiss, and she has chronic headaches. All of this because of the Chiari. Her brain is sitting to far back in her skull and the tonsils(not the throat tonsils...) of the brain are pinching down her spinal chord restricting spinal fluid movement. These symptoms can all get WORSE over time if gone untreated and eventually cause paralasys and or death. Her body systems will eventually shut down one by one.

The treatment. The Specialist Dr Rosner wants to do surgery to releave the pressure from her spinal chord by removing about a half inch of her skull from around the spinal chord a restart a normal spinal chord fluid flow and hopefully repair some of the damaged nerves. After surgery recovery is also a long process. Up to 24 months in some cases.
Now the cost...After my insurance changed, I have to pay 16000.00 out of pocket for my insurance to cover 100%. We are trying to come up with 14000.00 so she will get the care and treatment she so desperately needs. I am working as much as I can And my oldest son is trying to help as well. My 16 year old son even has a jar in his room he saves from from cutting grass and doing odd jobs for his mothers surgery. Please help a close knit family take care of the bond , the glue if you will... That keeps us together.
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