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Welcome to the 'New Knees for LoLa' fundraising campaign. A donation of any amount will help her get the surgeries she needs. Thank you!

LoLa's first 5 years of life were in a puppy mill. She lived in a tiny, feces covered cage with no medical care, little to no food or water, and she was forced to produce litter after litter of puppies...only to have her babies yanked away as soon as 6 weeks later.
She was rescued from that hell on October 15, 2011 and the rescue group got her the basic veterinary care she deserved. That included vaccines, de-wormer, anti-biotics, rotten teeth removal and spaying. Shortly thereafter, she found her furever home with me.

After her adoption was official, I was given a copy of her medical records; only to discover that she was previously diagnosed with grade IV patellar luxation (her knee caps aren't where they are supposed to be). She is going to need orthpedic surgery to repair her knees. Without surgical repair, her bones will rub together, causing severe arthritis, pain & lameness.

Sadly, I did not qualify for CareCredit (too much debt--yea school loans!) and my income disqualifies me from vet bill assistance (I make more than the national poverty level), so I am in a bind.

The orthopedic surgeon is wonderful and will provide all the discounts and payment plan options possible...but I just don't have the funds to help LoLa on my own.

Here is the financial breakdown:
Surgery, $1700 per knee = $3400
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