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Palma has been staying on the island of Dominica in the Carebbeans and haven't seen her father for 8 months because she didn't have money for the traveling.. Last week she got a message out of the blue from her family in Hungary that her father has cancer and according to the doctors he is in the final stage now, his organs started to fail, his liver and his kidneys stopped working.

Palma is desperately that she may never see her father again! Travelling this time of year and the flexible air tickets are extremely expensive because of after turning every stone she was out of ideas in blank despair.

Her every wish is to be able to fly home to Hungary and spend the last days of her father with the family together. She secretly longs for spending a few days with her parents and siblings in a lakeside house where they spent their holiday once and have that as the last memory instead of pain and sorrow.

Time is ticking inexorably, every day counts, she needs to go home as soon as possible to make her fathers last days happier and his passing easier and ​to ​unburden her family!

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