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The family of Sydney Burroughs is trying to raise money to help with her medical bills after being hit by a car. We appreciate your help.

We adopted our Clumber Spaniel "Sydney" November 8, 2008. The Vet guessed her to be around 2 years old. She first showed up at the shelter as an abandoned dog with lime disease. They nursed her back to health and she was adopted by a family. A short time later she was brought back to the shelter due to the family moving out of the country and Sydney would have to be quarantined for just under a year. A short time after that she was adopted by another family who brought her back several months later due to them separating. I have always been a dog lover and have a had many dogs. Sydney however is more special than any dog I've ever had and I have never loved or been as close to a dog as I have her. She would be a "perfect" dog if we could just keep her from shedding. Lol
February 4, 2011 Sydney was hit by a car. She doesn't seem to have any major injuries to her organs or any brain damage but has a broken rib, air between her heart and sternum (which is normal from the trauma) and her pelvis is broken in four places. I can't imagine putting my baby down because of broken bones something that can be fixed. She will require atleast one surgery with atleast two plates to fix her pelvis. All of her care will run from $5,000 to $10,000.
*****UPDATE ON SYDNEY.....................
The surgeon was scared since Sydney wouldn't even try to move for her. When Sydney saw me she took off to me, dragging her leg, limping and trying her hardest to get to me!! I think she just might love me a little. I was so happy I couldn't stand myself!! The surgeon said because of the kind of breaks and where they are there will be no surgery. She wouldn't be able to have puppies which isn't a problem since she has been spayed but she will probably suffer from arthritis. They want to keep her there for the next couple of days just to be safe and to keep checking her lungs and the air that is in around her heart (which has not gotten any worse). Plus they feel she still needs the pain medicine through her I.V. since it's stronger that way. Then she'll have to go back in a week to have a check up and more x-rays with this surgeon again. I'm so excited and can't wait to have her home. It will be a long healing process and a lot of carrying her around since she won't be able to do stairs for a while. Another good side is that the medicals bill may only be around $5,000 rather than $10,000. Thanks to everyone for their support and prayers!!!

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