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Our goal is to get Blake back to walking again. We ask that anyone that would like to make a Donation to help us achieve this goal.

On October 22nd 2012 Blake fell victim to a freak accident. When Blake and his friend CJ went Dirt Bike riding at an area called Bunco by Athol , Id. and heading back to the vehicle Blake collided with a Jeep head on and his legs went thru the front grill into the radiator. His friend CJ was just a min behind him and came up the accident scene.

Lucky enough CJ was able to contact B
lake’s mom and 911 by cell phone. Blake was picked up in the Idaho Mountains by ambulance and transported to Kootenai County Hospital.
At arrival at the hospital Blake was taken into radiology and x-rays were taken with the results of no broken bones.

After further examination Blake continued to complain about pain and his knees not feeling right. Since Blake had open wounds on his knees the Dr. then decided to at least get his knees cleaned and stitched up to avoid an infection

Being told he would have to undergo an hour surgery to get stitched up it turned out to be a three hour surgery with BAD NEWS!!

Both PCL’S are torn and a fractured femur.

A posterior cruciate ligament injury occurs along with injuries to other structures in the knee such as cartilage, other ligaments, and bone. How long it takes to recover from a posterior cruciate ligament injury will depend on the severity of the injury. Combined injuries often have a slow recovery, but most patients do well over time. Full recovery typically requires 6 to 12 months on one knee.

Blake has to undergo operations on his right and left knee and two surgeries to his femur to have screw’s put in.

Blake also will have to go to Therapy to learn how to use his knees again and learn how to walk.

Unfortunately Blake‘s Family has no Health Insurance Coverage

Medical Insurance and all of his operations, prescriptions, Doctor's
Visits, and Therapy are out of pocket. Our goal is to get Blake back on his own two feet and walking again. We ask that anyone that would like to make a Donation to help us achieve this goal.
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