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Liam Powers, a 3 year old loving and dare devil boy, who can not speak needs our help to show the world how smart he is.

Liam was recently diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and Apraxia. Most people understand about autism and ADHD, but like you we had never heard of Apraxia. Apraxia means that Liam can understand words, and form the sounds of speaking, but his mind and his mouth don't connect. Effectively, he cannot speak, but he can communicate.
Currently we have printed out pictures so he can show us what he wants, like food, toilet, playtime, or bed. There are a number of apps on iPad specifically geared for people with this disorder. He will be able to comunicate, not just with pictures that we print out, but with all of the avaible pictures, symbols, and words. The apps can put them together into sentences, and even speak on his behalf.
Some of the apps we plan on using are Graceapp, icommunicate, iearnedthat, inmydreams, and prologue2go. All of these apps will help Liam with basic commucation. Things that we take for granted every day like asking for water, or going to the bathroom.
As the iPad is expensive, and more than we can afford, we are asking for donations. You don't need to give much, we are suggesting $5 or $10, but anything, even a dollar, will help.
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