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The family & friends of Shannon Bain are uniting to raise money to help family pay for treatments & therapy to fight brain injury from OMS

Shannon Bain was diagnosed in September 2011 as being in an active relapse with Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (OMS) which attacks her brain.

Shannon has undergone a monthly IV Infusion of immunoglobulin and a pulsing of Dexemethesone steroid treatment. She is presently recovering from these treatments.

She is now scheduled to receive chemotherapy treatment in October and receiving treatments over the course of 4 weeks. She will also be receiving another IV Infusion of Immunoglobulin towards the beginning of November. In addition to these treatments will be specialized supplements to lower inflammation in the brain and balance her neurotransmitter levels. She will require therapies a few times a week and a lot of doctor visits, tests and more.

OMS is a rare, autoimmune neurological disorder caused by an autoimmune attack on the cerebellum. It initially results in severe symptoms of spontaneous, abnormal, chaotic eye movements (opsoclonus), spontaneous random limb jerking (myoclonus), and incoordination (ataxia). Even if these physical symptoms resolve, at least 70% of patients are left with residual cognitive and behavioral symptoms, including speech and language problems and aggression.

Shannon was originally diagnosed with OMS and Neuroblastoma at the tender age of 11 months and went into remission at age 3. She came out of remission at age 11 and was maintaining very well on monthly IV Immunoglobulin.

However, this relapse at age 14 was severe as it broke through her present treatment and did so without warning.

Every second counts when treating OMS to prevent brain injury. Her body attacks her brain and causes severe anxiety as well as additional neurological and cognitive impairment.

Over the next few months, Shannon will have insurance deductible costs ($500), insurance co-pays (too many to list), therapy costs ($2000), the cost to purchase a special test for food allergies and to measure neurotransmitter levels in the brain ($1000), all natural supplements to treat neurotransmitters and inflammation in the brain ($300 monthly), travel expenses to out-of-state specialists ($4000), respite care over next few months ($4000) and many more miscellaneous costs.

We know that many of you have been asking how you could help and we are beyond grateful.

We have decided to create this site as an avenue for anyone who would like to “give” to help Shannon heal from this relapse and become stable enough to return to school.

Shannon loves life, people and animals. She has a fantastic support system in her family and friends. Helping others gives her such joy.

As her main caretaker and mom, I am unable to work over the next few months or so due to many facets involved in supporting Shannon 24/7 while coordinating, scheduling and helping her heal from treatments.

These contributions will help ease any financial debt we will incur while taking care of Shannon's medical needs.

All of your prayers, donations, positive thoughts and vision are very much appreciated!!!

If you prefer to make a donation using a check please make the check out to Colleen and Thomas Bain and mail to:
The Bain Family
17 Runyon Street
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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