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This is a one-time fundraiser, with all funds going to the care and feeding of one momma kitty (Momma Flora) and her 9 kittens.

Momma Flora is a discarded cat who now has a home (and is not being adopted.) She was rescued, and very pregnant after the outdoor cat compound area in the back of the apartment building we live in, where they were being cared for, was torn apart one morning (without prior notice,) all carriers and bedding thrown away, and the ground covered in lye. Since early May of 2011 we had been taking care of her, along with her two 3-month old kittens, and another momma cat and her two kittens who happened to be born on Mothers Day.

Fast forward a few months...

At 5:00am, on July 21st, Momma Flora gave birth to 7 healthy kittens; prior to that the other momma and her babies had been adopted and now have a home.

Momma Flora also had a litter of at least 2 kittens sometime in March. The week she gave birth to her July newborns, these two older ones (the 2 Beebees) were fixed, and meant to be released outside again, but due to having stitches and being in a very fragile and scared state, were not and are now living with their mom, and 7 siblings under one roof.

Since Mother's Day we have willingly cared for, fed, had fixed and watched over these cats. Expenses now are going through the roof; 10 total - 9 kittens, and one cat.

There is an estimated 7 dollars per day with food and litter alone being spent on them as a whole. This amount does not yet include necessary spay and neuter, as well immunizations.

The 2 older kittens, who are both living with their siblings are fixed and immunized. They require adoption by one very loving person, couple, or family.

We require them to be kept together, as they are inseparable, and experienced severe trauma early in their young lives; the girl kitty had a cigarette put out on her forehead when she was just a baby, and has an unexplained scar on her tummy. No idea, don't want to even imagine. She is very scared and is hard to catch, but once she is in your arms, melts like butter and feels a sense of safety when being held.

Her brother is her protector. They both immediately lost their family once the compound was destroyed, and were terrified when their mom was gone all of a sudden, and had no home - they were impossible to catch or get close to at this time as well. That has changed. He is very friendly and loves being held. They are both very good, sweet, playful, kitties, and are also now litter trained. I believe they would be most happy at a home with a backyard that is safe for small animals to play in.

The new litter is very healthy, and the kittens are almost litter trained, as well as eating soft food and hard food softened with water. They still try to nurse from their mother who is no longer interested. They have 3 weeks to go before they can be adopted.

Momma Flora eats more than any cat I have ever seen or shared a house with, due to the fact that her body is still recovering from giving birth and she still nurses on occasion - she herself eats one 13 oz. can a day, and could easily eat another if allowed and still looks malnourished (but isn't.)

The amount we are raising will go to food (2)13 ounce cans of Friskies a day, in addition to 3 little cans of kitten fancy feast, in addition to 1.5 bowls of dry food per day (roughly one bag a week), and a large size bag of of clumping litter per every week and half.

We will also be purchasing spay/neuter vouchers ($35-$50 each) that will be given to each person who adopts one of of these kittens.

If you can support Momma Flora and her babies, we thank you in advance for your generosity and compassion for understanding these living creatures who have been discarded, matter too. If you would like to send an e-mail, please do to:

We greatly appreciate any financial support - these cats and kittens are blessings without a doubt and if the financial situation of the two friends/neighbors was better there would be no need to ask. One of us is a writer and one of us is a designer.

There is an epidemic happening in our city and for some reason dumping an animal vs. keeping a commitment to care for it seems to be the most popular choice for some.

Not for us.

We both hope to one-day own and operate a cat sanctuary in the city.

With gratitude,
Momma Flora and her kittens
and their friends.
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