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Friends and Family of Evan.... I am sure most of you don't know, but Evan has been diagnosed with a very serious medical condition.

The diagnosis is that he has Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. There are two strands of this disease known as ALK Positive and ALK Negative. ALK Positive is more receptive to treatment whereas ALK Negative is a more resistant, rare and aggressive cancer. It took many months to diagnose his condition correctly, ALK Negative. He has suffered very painful symptoms and his general physical condition has worsened over time.

Since Evan was laid off from his job at Wolf Creek GC late last fall he has not had any medical insurance. He started his new job with RMT Equipment, an EZ-GO distributor, just a few weeks ago and his medical insurance coverage has just recently started. The company has been very supportive of Evan, however, his medical bills over the past 6 months prior to him being eligible for insurance, have mounted up. To date, they total over $32,500.

He is being treated at the world renowned Huntsman Cancer Institute. This facility has all the cutting edge technologies available, state of the art equipment and highly skilled medical professionals that will provide outstanding care to Evan. His team of doctors has administered treatment for Evan’s specific type of cancer and specializes in Lymphoma cancers.

The good news is that after 6 weeks since his diagnosis Huntsman began his treatments as of Monday July 6th. The weeks of enduring the stress of this serious diagnosis, delays in starting his treatment, painful symptoms and the weight of the medical bills has been challenging.

He will go through a very aggressive chemo regimen over many months that will consist of 3 days of chemo followed by a 2 1/2 week break. He will have 6 of these treatments. After the 4th treatment, he will undergo a full CT Scan to confirm progress. If on schedule they will harvest bone marrow and red blood cells and preserve them. Next he will undergo 2 more rounds of chemo, another CT Scan and if on schedule they will re-introduce the bone marrow and blood cells. During these months, he will be able to work some of the time but the treatments are physically and emotionally demanding as you can imagine

Evan is too proud to ask for your help, so I am asking for it.

Evan has been my friend for 25 years. I have seen him do many things to help others time and time again. Now he is the one who needs our help. His children Alexis and Jacob need our help too. These two are his pride and joy. They are great young people with fantastic personalities, manners, and big hearts. They have a great father too, one that has been an enormous influence in their lives. And they need him around.

So here is what we can do to help.

By making a donation through this site you can help Evan lift the burden of debt and allow him to focus his energy on the road to recovery. It is going to be a long journey and friend's and family's support will give him the spirit and courage to fight the fight. All money raised will go to pay off the doctors and hospital expenses that are mounting.

On behalf of Evan, Alexis, and Jacob I want to thank you for considering a donation and for your prayers and support. You can contact me at 760-803-5631 or if you have any questions.

Mike Galeski

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