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This is the Tammy G. medical care fund. These funds will be used to pay her medical bills. Please help if you can. God Bless You. Thanks

I sit here wondering what happened to my world, and how do I go forward from here? With help from our families we have made it this far but now we are seeking help anywhere we can find it. Here is what has happened to my and Tammy’s world.

It all started about two years ago when my wife started a new job. She had been on the job with company X less than five days when our world was turned upside down. During her first week on the job she needed to have a TB test, which the company was supposed to give. The nurse that gave the test was also working for Company X. The office manager gave the nurse the paperwork to fill out for this TB test that is required by any employer who gives TB tests to employees. The nurse pulled a bottle from the company refrigerator and proceeded to administer the test on two employees, my wife and another employee. As of this date I cannot tell you what happen to the male employee, but I can tell that it has turned my wife and our world upside down and has cost us dearly.

After my wife was given the injection it was discovered that the nurse grabbed the wrong bottle and had actually given both her and the male employee expired flu vaccine instead of the TB stuff. Well my wife had a really bad reaction and was taken to Urgent Care (or Company X Worker Compensation Doctor) where the doctor called 911 because my wife was in major trouble. I was notified by my work that there was a problem with my wife and that she was at the urgent care. I headed for the hospital and had to wait for the ambulance to show up and then I had to wait for the doctors to check her out.

The doctors told me she was having a reaction to the shot she received that day. Her reaction was treated and sent home. The next day she had another episode or reaction similar to the day before and we headed to the ER. They treated her again and sent her home. Since the day she got that expired flu vaccine instead of the TB shot this has set off a flood of medical problems that we have had to live with ever since.

For the next eight or nine months she got real bad migraine headaches and I was taking her to the hospital every two or three days to get her some relief. She had never had migraine headaches before this shot. In addition to the migraines she also is suffering from hearing loss, tinnitus, changes in vision, and severe allergic reactions to a large number of things (hair dyes, chemical make-ups, perfumes, massage oils, etc). My wife has seen a number of specialists and they had no idea how to help her but the ER doctors were getting frustrated of seeing us so often.

November 2010 I decide to drive her to the Mayo clinic in AZ. I drove from our home almost 1200 miles with her sick and vomiting to get her help. I got talked to (chewed out) for not following protocol by making an appointment and waiting for assistance. However, once the ER doctor started to examine her he moved mountains to get her into the various out-patient clinics where they were able to get her headaches under control but they informed us that she would have them for the rest of her life. They never were able to figure out why she was having so many allergic reactions to different things and said it was possible that it could have been the expired flu vaccine. We returned home two weeks later with a management plan for the headaches but no answers to the allergic reactions she was having.

January 2011 my wife stumbled and fell on the job at Company X hitting her neck and head against the wall of the cubical that she worked in. This set off a whole new set of problems medically, and then while still on Workers Compensation, Company X terminated her.

Then in April or May of 2011 my wife lost 50 lbs for no reason. The doctors put their heads together and decided she is now gluten intolerant Celiac’s disease once they ruled out cancer. Over the next few months my wife went to see several specialists outside our hometown. Most of the time before I can get her to these doctors she is vomiting and nauseated and the doctors send her to ER for treatment.

Over the next few months we are in and out of the hospital trying to keep her from losing weight and controlling her nausea and vomiting. My wife has now gone from 250 lbs to 155lbs in six months and we are back and forth to emergency rooms every three to five days and the doctors do not know what to do.

We are 58 days into the year of 2012 and my wife has been in the hospital for 21 of those days.
As of right now my wife is very limited on traveling because we have found that weather changes, altitude changes and sensitivity to smells will make her very sick.

With her so sick it has caused problems with her school, jobs and our personal lives.
Going to a one income family has drained all of our savings and has forced us to ask for help from our friends and family. We have had to hire an attorney to help us but that has also cost money. Now most of this has come out of our own pocket or my health insurance. Needless to say, we are in debt up to our eyeballs and the medical bills, attnorney’s fees, and the regular monthly bills just keep coming.

On top of all this my wife is trying to finish her last two semesters so she can become a Nurse Practitioner. She has plans to become a certified health care provider for Celiac’s disease/gluten intolerance. You have no idea how hard it is to see her in a hospital bed with her trying to study and her computer participating in her on-line discussions so she doesn’t get kicked out of the nurse practitioner program.

The hardest thing I am dealing with is the doctors are saying that my wife may not get any better or worse, if they can’t stop the weight loss and get the nausea, vomiting and other issues under control there is a possibility that she could get worse but to what degree……. they just shrug their shoulders or shake their heads.

I have gotten to the point where I have swallowed my pride and am asking for help. Any type of help…. medical assistance, names of specialists, websites for information, God help me for asking….financial help – only if you can and if you can’t then lots of prayers. I am desperate.


Robert & Tammy Giltner
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