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A single mom who needs help to look at life in a good way.

We are friends that are tring to help a single mom of 2 boys that have disabilities whos luck the last few years has not been great at all.
First she has broke her tail bone has had 2 surgerys and waiting for the 3 one to remove the bottom of her tail bone that is causeing sever pain and not letting her live a happy life as it is very painful for her to stand and sit for long periods of time. It is also causing problems with tring to play and do things with her boys that they deserve to have done with a mom. For example take one to football and to sit in the bleachers to watch his games is hard for her. Her medical bills are so high shes stressed to the point she is starting to lose her hair in chunks.
Second she lives on her moms farm in a barn house that is to small for them and is not that livable. Theres mold growing and animals climb under neith the house but cant get out so they die it then smells awful. Her one boy has allergies and the minute he comes home from school his eyes turn extremly blood shot and very watery. There is no meds that they can seem to help with this.
The third thing is her car does not run well and she is scared to drive it with the boys in it even if it is 7 miles into town. It dies at stop lights, chugs, over heats ac dont work, and so much more is wrong with this auto. She is borrowing a van from a friend but she will eventually have to give it back.
She cant work got denied for ssdi and has no income but the very little she gets for child support which is enough for gas to get her to dr apts.
This mom needs help as she has to be able to get to dr apts with a decent car that is safe for her and her boys. There is times she needs to drive an hr or more in a very busy city thatwould not be safe for her to drive her car but she cant afford to get a new one the house so the boys have room and no more allergy flares and help with her medical so hopefully she can get back on her feet and look up at life again.
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