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The family and friends of Delvery Jr. are uniting to raise money to help bring about a change for our children in the Mississippi Delta.

The funds for the Center for Hope will be used to aid the foundation start up process for this great Christian project.

The vision for this recreation center was pushed into existence by the illness of our 4 year old son Delvery Davis Jr. On June 03, 2011 he was rushed to the emergency room for weakness on his entire right side. Both a CAT scan and MRI were conducted. Early morning on June 04, 2011 our son was diagnosed with a fatal disease. A Diffuse intrinsic Pontine Giloma of the brainstem. During this time, there was evidence showing his brain had been bleeding. He was then treated with a high dose of steroids to counter act the swelling within his brain in which he gained 14 lbs. during that time period. Can you imagine 4 people holding this child down in order to complete his blood draw? Can you imagine the tears in our eyes after seeing him kicking, crying, and screaming "Daddy help me"? After all that, he still has shown the most strength throughout this evolution. He was treated at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD from June 2012 through May 2012. The tumor since then, spreaded and Delvery slowly begin losing his bodily functions on his right side, but through it all, he never complained. Delvery Jr. celebrated his 5th birthday, enjoyed his Make a Wish Trip to Disney World, and spent time with his family before leaving this world. He told his cousin that he was his favorite and that he loved him. Those were his last words. This is truly the bravest person i know.

Diffuse pontine glioma is a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumor and is found at the base of the brain in the pons, which controls vital body functions, such as breathing. Diffuse pontine glioma is a glial tumor, meaning that it arises in the glial (supportive) tissue of the lowest, stem-like part of the brain, which controls many of the body’s most vital functions. Having a tumor in the brain is always a very serious matter, and a diffuse pontine glioma (also called a brainstem glioma) is no exception.

Delvery Jr. is the son of loving parents Delvery Sr. and Clarissa Davis. He’s a big brother to Cristian Elijah Davis, a great friend, and inspiration for many. He enjoys riding his bike, watching cartoons, back rides, and playing with his little brother. Delvery Sr. is a First Class Petty Officer in the US Navy nearing 15 years and Clarissa is an accountant for Alutiiq government contracting.

We believe God used our son to inspire others and to bring about a change. Certainly, he's given us vision, hope for a new tomorrow, and encouragement to help other children. Delvery Jr. was known for helping others and showing off that great big smile, something we'll never forget.

It grieves us to inform you all that Delvery Jr. went home to be with our Heavenly Father on June 17, 2012 (Father's Day). A day we'll never forget. He was known as a good helper and his memories will live on through this project.

The Center for Hope will be a Christian base recreation center that will provide the following:
Basketball, volleyball, racquetball, cardio equipment, free weights, indoor track, sauna, computer center, library, mentorship, tutoring, job fairs, educational programs, children indoor/outdoor playground equipment, multi-purpose rooms, etc.

The mission of A Center for Hope is to improve the well-being, and promote economic opportunities for citizens living in Sharkey County Mississippi, as well as surrounding counties. The center will empower citizens by providing services to increase self-worth, self-sufficiency, economic stability, health awareness, activities for kids and adults and the overall quality of life. This mission will be achieved by providing job opportunities, character education, healthy/wellness and recreation facilities, youth organizations, mentor/leadership while building the dynamics of a strong family, which will decrease crime and poverty in the community, to facilitate a strong economically sound, viable community for all who reside. There will be a number of phases to complete this project but the first phase will be to remove the asbestos and tear down the old occupying building already on the land. This will be an eye soar and more importantly health issue removed and the beginning of the economic empowerment that is needed so in this community. The nearest recreation center is located in Greenville, MS nearly 45 miles away. The plan is to bring this center into this area to help the children and citizens to build this community while also training people to assist in doing the work that is needed, therefore bringing in jobs and revenue back into this town that watched businesses over the past 20 plus years relocate or go out of business. It's been long overdue for these children who live in this rural area to have a better future and to enjoy the kind of things that so many city kids have enjoyed for several years.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"(MLK)
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