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It has been a long summer of changes and trials for us.

In June we got the news that Axle had throat cancer. At first we were told that just 6 weeks of radiation would take care of it. Then it seemed like every appointment and test, worse news followed.

After a month of poking, prodding and looking at options, we found that his cancer was in stage 4 and the best, fastest way to get rid of the tumor was surgery.

July 13, 2015 Axle spoke for the last time. The tumor was removed along with his voice box and a large portion of his tongue. Nine days in the hospital healing and learning to communicate and breath again, we came home to adjust to his new way of breathing and of course more doctor visits.

Radiation was next. After more surgery to remove his teeth, Axle prepared for 6 weeks of radiation. While this was all going on, the bills were flooding in, and still are.

We pay the small ones when we can, but we have no clue when, or if he will return to work. He still needs me home to help with his care. I work on the computer at home, but some days he needs too much care for me to get any work done.

This has been a long, strange trip. Life has certainly thrown us a curve ball. Without the help of friends and strangers, we would not have come this far. Axle is healing and grieving the loss of his voice. So many things he wants to say, but can no longer speak.

While we are healing and it looks like the cancer is gone, the bills still need paid. We don't believe in just not paying Doctor bills, we pay what we can and are working with all the different debtors to come to reasonable payment options. Alas, many don't care about our situation and are beginning to turn us over to collections regardless. We have over 15,000.00 of medical bills to pay and really need all the help we can get.
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