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To help a young family have a modest home and rebound from difficult entrance into adult life.after suffering physical problems.

Please be sure to read all the way to the end. There was an event that makes me think differently towards the people in our world as I tell you about Cari Jade.

Who is Cari?
Why should we help her?
Why is she different?

As Cari´s mother, I am not able to financially help her as I´ve suffered difficulties of my own which have left me asking for your help. Cari lost her father two years ago to lung cancer, and as an only child she has had to grow up quickly, but with a lot of love!

So you can know a little about Cari Jade and why I am asking for help from strangers, soon to be friends for life. Cari has the possibility to own her own home and provide for her three children, but she needs help. After her husband announced after 10 years of marriage, I want you out in two days, I want your best friend to move into our home, Cari found herself without skills, as she wasn´t allowed to work, she raised her children. Now, out on her own, working as a part time housekeeper, she struggles to provide food for her children and to give them a home of their own. She shares a home, paying for her part of the home, but she wishes to have her own home. She has a possibility to own her family home, where she was born, at a very low price, but she needs help. Being only 31 years old, with a 14 year old, 9 and 5 year old children, she is fighting a battle, with a smile, everyday to have a better life.

What makes her story different than other young women?

So you know a little about this remarkable woman, Cari Jade started her adult life in a hurry. Only being 17 she found herself pregnant. Not only was she less than 1 year away from finishing high school, she found out that at 32 weeks pregnant that her baby was in cardiac arrest in the womb. She remained at Indianapolis University hospital for almost a week, the doctors trying everything they could to get the baby´s heart rate down to a reasonable beat without jepordizing Cari´s life. After almost one week, she was given the green light to return to her home in LaGrange county, Indiana. As she got off the bed her water broke! Seven weeks early her baby was about to be born. The shock of the baby being in cardiac arrest, Cari having suffered from gestational diabetes and a toximia, this was one more wide eyed, frightening moment. Not only was the baby born at a healthy weight of practically six pounds, the doctors were surprised that the new baby girl seemed rather healthy, that was on 23 December. Not wanting to feed the baby at the beginning, merely monitoring her health, baby Kyla Jade was not fed by mouth until Christmas day 1997. Cari and her mother had returned for several hours north of Indianapolis to prepare clothing to begin living at Riley´s Children´s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kyla received the diagnosis that she had and suffers Wolfe White Parkinson´s Disease.
As Cari and her mother were preparing to return to Indianapolis within an hour, the hospital called and said, we have another problem! Your daughter needs emergency surgery as she has a hole in her colon and every minute that passes is a chance she won´t make it.
Only 1 and a half days old, Kyla Jade received her first operatin, a colonostomy. Cari and Kyla Jade, and her father remained residents of Riley´s Childrens Hospital for almost four months. At only the age of 17 Cari Jade had not only walked into an adult life with her head held high, she jumped with love into the role of a responsibile mother. Unfortunately making the decision not to finish high school becase the baby needed more help than she felt she did, she didn´t return, six months before her gradation.

She performed the colon bag cleaning, feeding her baby with a syringe through the nose and facing the fact that she might kill her child by drowning her if she didn´t feed her properly with the syringe. After four long months Kyla Jade was undergoing the surgery that would free her from the colonstomy.

She grew, she flourished and with Cari as her mom, with her constantly she learned things slowly, but surely. Welcoming her baby sister five years later and her baby brother eight years after.

As the children with their parents had a nice home, Cari was always home for the family. Her husband not wanting her to work, she didn´t have an opportunity to gain any skills, to finish school so she would have a way to support herself.

When the day arrived that her husband announced she had 2 days to find a home for not only herself and her three children, ages 12 to 3, she found herself calling family and friends for help.

Finding a home with a friend in the town where her children went to school was necessary. She then found an opportnity to become a housekeeper in a nursing home. Getting up at 5:00 every day to go to clean for others would seem like a chore for most people, but Cari loves and appreciates her job. She calls the people she cleans for, lovingly ¨like family.¨ She doesn´t make enough to put a down payment on a home but she dreams of this day.

She recently found out that the home she was raised in is for sale and at a super low price, due to the economic situation. She is willing to do what she has to do to buy this home, but unfortunately she needs a lot of help.

She needs help from us.

If you can find a small amount to help her with, you can´t imagine such happiness not only for her to be able to stand proud and say am trying to provide for m y children, and that I have good friends around the world who have helped me too.

One last word. The baby, Kyla Jade, she has recvered fully and lives with a scar from hip to hip, which is insignificant. One day she was saying to me, her grandmother, quietly one sunday morning when she was five years old, Öma ( german for grandmother), I remember when I was born! I asked, you do? Tell me about it. She said, yes, YOU were there, my mom, my dad, the two nurses and the doctor and the white woman with long yellow curly hair. I asked, who is the woman with curly hair? She said, YOU know, the one that was up on the ceiling with the wings!! She didn´t stay very long when I was born, she just wanted to make sure I was ok and she left.

How many angels have do you remember seeing?
Not one? Not any? Try looking in the mirror after
you help Cari Jade and her family and you´ll see
one right away.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping!
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