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This is a fundraiser to help my mother get the 3rd surgery for an injury to her jaw she received 35 years ago.

   My mom needs a left total jaw joint replacement and removal of an old bone graft that was made from her rib 16 yrs ago. Since that surgery, gradually the grafted bone has become more and more painful. Now she needs another surgery.

   To start her story would take a while but her jaw was broke when she was around 10. She's had many surgeries but this one is different. 20 months ago she filed with her insurance for surgery. They denied her over and over. She contacted the insurance commission but due to the fact that the hospital she worked at owned their own insurance, they could do what they wanted and the Florida law stating that they will pay for one certain kind of joint surgery and hers, didn't apply. She was at a dead end.

   She can't open her mouth to even go to the dentist to have work done. She can't eat any foods that require excessive chewing, which adds to the problem by not being able to get the nessisary nutrients. She needs all her teeth pulled as well.  She has lost, broken, and dead teeth but can't have any work done due to the imobility of the joint in her jaw. This is only a portion of the problems that this ordeal has caused.  

   The physical pain is severe but the mental pain is horrible too. Last November she became very ill with mouth infections and severe pain.  Her rib graft has fused to the back of her skull. She went on medical leave and finally wrote the hospital CEO. They decided to pay for part of her surgery. After such a battle we felt she had won. The call came 3 days before Christmas. We all thought it to be a Christmas miracle but after 3 weeks they said she took unauthorized leave and she was fired. She worked there 10 yrs and was never in trouble. I couldn't believe it. The whole situation was so frustrating. For me personally I felt powerless to help my mom and that's why I'm here now. I have to help her. In anyway I can.

   Ever since she has been fighting for the surgery but COBRA(her insurance) is 2000.00 every month and if she loses COBRA this will all have been for nothing. Her portion is 20% and the implant alone is 15 thousand and insurance isn't paying for removal of her teeth or new ones. She hasn't worked in 9 months and financially this has ruined her and my dad. My sister and I do what we can but it's just not enough. I'm worried for her and hope that my worry will hit the ears of people with a kind heart. She misses her job horribly and it still hurts for her to think about it. Due to the fact that she is taking pain meds for this injury, she can't work as a nurse until this gets done. It's a very difficult situation. She can't work without the surgery but the surgery is taking forever. My parents are behind on bills and my mom tries to put on a happy face, but I know inside she is hurting. She is a strong woman so she doesn't tell anyone about what is happening. I just want her to make it through this and be her old self.

   I do not know how much money she needs exactly. I did overhear her and my dad talking about the surgery once costing about $40,000. I don't know if this plea will help her but what kind of son would I be if I didn't do everything I could to try and help her. She is a proud person and I am not sure how she will feel about me doing this, but I will tell her. I think after the initial shock she will be grateful. My mom is a wonderful person who has given her life to helping others. She is a nurse, and loves her profession. Her and my dad have been married over 21 years and they both are wonderful loving parents. If able, I hope that they will have another wonderful 21 years or more. My mom served her country in the USMC right after high school, not during war time and my dad is a disabled Vietman vet. They both have given to others in so many ways and I want to give back to them now. If anyone is deserving of help, my mom is. If anyone can help I would be so much more then just grateful. This surgery will do nothing short of change her life. Without it, I'm afarid that it will cause a slow decline in her overall health. 


If there is anything you would like to know about her situation before making a donation. Please don't hesitate to ask. Any information I have I will share.

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