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We need to raise money to help a service dog's veterinary cost. Please show your love.

Tanner is a lovely service dog who been my helper for 9 years. He is still working for me.

Recenly, I found a lump on his leg. I don't know what it is but he is not limping. He is biting it to the point that his skin became raw at site of this lump.

I live on on limited income from Social Security, I can not afford to take him to a vet to have his leg looked at.

I need Tanner. Without him, I can not fully function in the community.

Please help. Thank you.

UPDATE...... March 2, 2012
We got the cytology report back.. The lab report said it might be an acral lick granuloma, a type of skin lesion that appears when a dog is licking at a specific area for a very long time. The licking starts because of something (such skin allergies, skin cancer, a foreign body or site of infection), and the dog gets into a cycle where he becomes addicted to licking.

However, the vet is concerned because there was a swelling first then the biting... She rather do surgery before it gets too large. She said "Removing the mass will allow us to submit it entirely for histopathology, and get rid of the mass entirely. If the mass gets any larger, we may not be able to remove it safely and still close the skin on his leg."

I hope you can help us...

UPDATE,,,,,,,, 3-9-12
The wounds are mostly healed but the lump is still there. I am still hoping and praying for a mircle before it is too late for Tanner.

God Bless you.

UPDATE... 3-23-12
Well, for some reason, he stopped "eating" his leg. It been over a week since he been working on it. Because he isn't "eating" his leg, I think that ruled out acral lick granuloma, for he is clearly not addicted to biting.

His leg is still swollen. See most recent picture and you can see the nature of his lump without the awful looking open sore. I still hope to be able to find a way to pay the cost of needed treatment.
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