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Please Help us with our current, past and future medical expenses. To help us fight our disease that causes cancer.

I am a single mother, both my daughter and I have a disease called FAP that causes Thyroid, Stomach, duodenum, brain, pancreatic, colon and a few other cancers. I do still work and support myself and my daughter. I was diagnosed when I was 28 after 4 years of tests.  When I was 24 I started having extreme abdominal pain that would wake me up from a dead sleep.  Anyone who was near me during the episodes would say I would turn completely white.  After many different Dr's I finally found out what was wrong. I had Familial Adendonus Polyposis "FAP"  I was devastated things kept going through my mind, how? why? how am I going to deal with this?  It's taken over a huge portion of my life.  At 24 I had 3 polyps removed but was never told they were pre cancerous and I was never told to go back.  My GYN thought maybe I had endometriosis so she went in and took a look and I didn't, YAY, but other problems were found.  The outside of my Colon was enflamed,bulging, had leasions and adhesions and my colon was attached to my abdomen by what was thought to be scar tissue but to my dismay it was desmoid tumors.  I started out having a colonoscopy once a year then every six months. The disease started to progress more and more each time, by the time I had my colon removed I had hundreds of polyps. Two years ago I had my whole large intestine removed for beginning stages of colon cancer. I was in the Hospital for 7 days, home for 5 and then was taken from my home by ambulance to a local hospital.  My white cell count was over 30 it's suppose to be below 10.  After 5 days at St. Mary's hospital they couldn't figure out what was wrong and released me but I was still so sick, I called my Dr's at Sloan Kettering they wanted to see me, I really did not want to travel I was so sick but I really needed to get better I was re-hospitalized for six days.  I had an absest from the surger. I still have my small intestine but things will never be the same. They've gotten a little better but I will never be normal again.  I can still get colon cancer in what I have left and I am regularly checked.  A lot of Dr's aren't familiar with my disease I started out going to Albany Medical Center which isn't too far from me but a very good friend of mine kept pushing me to go to Sloan Kettering.  So I said something to my Dr. and he told me you should go to Sloan Kettering so I have been a patient their for 5 years. My daughter who is 12 had her first cancerous polyp removed a year ago. We are both patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer Hospital in NYC. These trips are very costly, my insurance reimburses some costs but not all. Currently I owe thousands of dollars in past bills and it's now on my credit. Dealing with this has been extremely difficult on my self and my family and financially it's overwhelming.  My mom has also paid out a lot in order to bring me to my appointments and financially she is also being affected. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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