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The family & friends of Sia, loving & beloved Rescue Cat, are uniting to help Sia.

Sia has been a true & loving companion for 11 years & has probably saved my own life on more than one occasion. Now is my chance to help save her, along with the support of friends, family & anyone else that’s taking the time to read this. (To learn more about Sia, please go to the bottom of the page).

Sia has developed a serious, progressive periodontal disease (stomatitis) that has inflamed her gums, making it painful for her to eat. Recently, she has begun to lose weight. As the disease progresses, she will eat less & less & without adequate treatment, Sia will die.

The 2 &1/2 hour surgery Sia needs involves the extraction of all or nearly all of her teeth, plus the complete removal of any tooth fragments hidden under the gums. Without this critical 2nd step, the disease will recur. The safest choice is to have a board-certified veterinary dental specialist perform the surgery. There are only 2 specialists with the necessary training, education, & credentials in all of San Diego & Orange counties. Not surprisingly, the services they provide are costly.

Unfortunately, I do not have the resources to get the medical care that Sia needs without significant help from others who care. My work, like that of so many others, has been hurt by the drastic budget cuts in public education in the state of California. Separately, there have been significant, prolonged medical expenses (unrelated to Sia) in past years that preclude me from covering Sia’s surgery with installments over time (e.g. Credit Care, etc.). Sia’s surgery cannot wait until I'm teaching again or until I can secure an interim job without putting her at greater risk of complications from the disease (e.g. heart attack or organ failure).

Can you join with us to help give Sia the long, happy, healthy life that she deserves? Any amount you are able to donate, small or large, will help Sia get the surgery that she so badly needs.

Would you also help us get the word out by re-posting this link to your own Facebook page or posting on Twitter so that others may see it?

If you would like to help Sia & prefer to send a check or have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this & for passing it on to anyone you know that may want to hear about Sia’s cause. Please keep Sia in your thoughts.

Warmly, Jody, Friends & Family

More about Sia:

Sia is a gentle, intelligent, playful & intuitive cat. In the spring of 2001, the Friends of County Animal Shelters in San Diego rescued Sia & her siblings (including Anton’s girl, Manova) shortly after their birth.

FOCAS volunteer & foster mom Abigail Gray nurtured Sia ("See-uh") until she was ready for adoption & gave Sia her name. The name is of uncertain origin, but some sources suggest that it may be short for Siamack, which in Farsi means "One who brings joy." I cannot imagine a more fitting name for my little girl.

When Sia & I met, it was love at first sight. From the day she arrived at her new home, we’ve been inseparable. On her first evening with me, after a busy day of play & exploration, Sia cuddled up on my chest & slept there throughout the night. What a sight-- she went up as I inhaled & down as I exhaled. I’ll never forget that image.

From that first day forward, Sia has brought an abundance of joy to my life. While she was still a kitten, Sia & I played fetch with a small, fuzzy, disc-shaped toy. I’d toss the toy Frisbee-style across the room & she’d dart after it, grab it in her mouth, & drop it in front of me.

Before she was sick, Sia would jump 1-5 inches off the ground--often in a series of 5 or more jumps—whenever she was at her happiest & most excited. She also enjoyed playing in brown paper bags—small or large—new, or tattered & torn.

Sia is still able to enjoy curling up in a delicious spot of sun or stealing my favorite chair the moment the opportunity presents itself.

If little Sia were 17 or 18, I might have to consider other options; but, there's no reason Sia can't live as long as our other family cats (who lived to 21 years of age), as long as her disease is treated very soon.

Thank you again for visiting Sia's site and hearing her story.
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