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Chance, a beloved and otherwise happy, healthy senior dog, is suffering from a ruptured disc in her spinal canal that requires surgery. See Chance\'s fundraising page for her story and for info on incentives/gifts you can receive for helping her out.

*Update, 3/12/10: Surgery went well! And she's impressing the surgeon and the vet students with how well she's doing just one day post-op. Remarkably, she could go home as early as Saturday (maybe Sunday), to continue her recovery there. More updates in coming days. Thanks for all your generous, loving support!

 *Surgery is scheduled for Thursday, March 11. Post-op hospitalization is expected to last 4-7 days. Updates will be tweeted via @ChanceTheDog96.

*See the end of Chance's story for awesome incentives to donate; for a limited time, donors at $25+ can receive fantastic gifts!

First, who she is:

She likes carrots and sweet potatoes. She loves camping and car rides. She is sometimes a grumpy old lady but just as often an energetic young pup. She likes having her belly rubbed and her rear end scratched, and she will entertain you with her trademark butt dance for the latter. She has been a companion and a protector, a pack leader and a comforter, a healer and an opener of hearts; she has been someone special to an abused pit bull puppy who needed confidence and companionship, to a little boy who needed gentleness, to nursing home residents who needed affection, and to many, many others, not least of all her human adopter, who feels lucky every day to know her.

For seven years, she was alone and neglected. But the promise made when she was adopted from that shelter--after she had been neglected and abandoned, adopted and returned, and adopted and returned yet again--was that the final half of her life would be different, full of love and happiness. She would never again be abandoned or be "just a dog." She would get the best care, the best years, the best second chance.

So on to what she needs:

Though Chance is no stranger to the usual aches and pains that come with age and her body shape, she has managed the slight slowing of her body with grace and with no slowing of heart or life. Overall, she is a young, healthy 13. Her heart, her lungs, her energy, and more--they are good; they are excellent. They could and hopefully will carry her through several years more. But first, she needs help with what she cannot manage on her own.

In recent weeks, Chance developed an unusual limp, and her legs began slipping out from underneath her periodically. A vet visit revealed the problem was neurological. A series of exams and an MRI with specialists revealed that Chance is in pain and suffering from intervertebral disc disease--a disc has ruptured into her spinal canal and is severely compressing nerve roots in her lower back. Her neurological symptoms are currently mild, but without surgery, she is facing paralysis in her hind legs and loss of bladder and bowel control, for starters. With it, she can be rejoining her young pit bull companion in bounding across the yard by summer and enjoy years more of her happy senior life.

But through no fault of Chance, her human caregiver has been struggling to make ends meet in recent months and has zero funds to cover these medical bills. An emergency loan paid for the substantial diagnostic costs, including MRI, but the funds to repay this loan and, much more importantly, to cover Chance's surgery and post-op care (a deposit for which must be paid prior to surgery and the balance of which must be paid upon discharge after her post-op stay), don't yet exist in full. A generous anonymous donor has given Chance and her caregiver a headstart, and the goal of this fundraiser has been adjusted to reflect that, but there are still funds to be raised.

A lot of people are struggling right now. And a lot of other dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, cows, pigs, goats, and other animals, as unique and wonderful and full of life as Chance, need help and support too. Chance's human caregiver knows this. So it is with humility and gratitude that she is seeking and accepting help for this beautiful old dog, for pre-op, surgical, and post-op care. For whatever you can give, even if it is small in number but big in intention, she is grateful to you, on behalf of Chance and on behalf of everyone, human and canine, who loves her.

Notes: (1) If what we raise ends up exceeding the final costs of her hospital bill and related rehab needs, the remaining money will be donated to an animal-helping fund yet to be determined. (2) Donors who are not comfortable donating via credit card through this page and who would rather donate by PayPal or check may contact the fundraisers through the site to arrange this; see the contact box at the bottom of this fundraising page.

**Gifts for Donors at $25+**

Below is an in-progress outline of thank-you gifts at various donation levels. If you wish to receive your gift for being one of the first 30 donors to contribute $25 or more, or if you wish to receive your electronic thank-you for any donation made at any time, please be sure to mark the box, at the time of checkout, sharing your e-mail address with us, so that we can communicate with you about getting you your gift. (Or if you don't wish to receive a physical thank-you gift, please note that on checkout.) Also please understand that quantities are limited, and if items in your level are gone by the time you donate, we'll try to substitute with something equivalent, but guarantees are difficult to make. Donors outside the United States, please see the end of the list for your options. 

For Early U.S. Donors

$25-49: Choice of (gently used, great condition) book on animals or animal rights from 70+ available titles at start of fundraiser (with thanks to book donors Mary Martin, Kelly Garbato, and Deb Durant).

$50-74: Choice of (a) box of organic, vegan Max & Ruffy's dog treats (or certificate for box; starting quantity: 14) or (b) $15 gift certificate to Bluestocking Bonbons (starting quantity: 3). [Edit: NakedJen, lovely friend to dogs and all animals (of the nonhuman and human variety), is also offering at least a dozen of her much-loved vegan, organic Clyde's Cookies for donations $50 and up.]

$75-99: Choice of (a) beautiful, custom vector portrait by Jennie Ruff, using donor's photo submission (see this link or the last image under this fundraising page's photos tab for sample; donor's choice of size; starting quantity: 5); (b) print of one of Deb Durant's gorgeous animal photos from Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary; donors can choose from a gallery of available photos (unframed, sizes ranging from 4x6 to 8x10, starting quantity: 10); or (c) 1 AR/animal book plus $20 gift certificate to Vegan Essentials (certificate quantity: 1).

$100-249: Brand new copy of your choice of 1 book by best-selling author Jeff Masson (When Elephants Weep, Dogs Never Lie About Love, The Pig Who Sang to the Moon, The 9 Emotional Lives of Cats, Altruistic Armadillos, The Face on Your Plate), with a personalized note from the author included inside (book not signed directly; note will be inserted into the book; starting quantity: 4). Plus Max & Ruffy's treats/gift certificate (subject to availability).

$250+: Web site design + domain name and hosting for one year (starting quantity: 1, maybe 2), courtesy freelance Web designer Jennie Ruff. Includes up to 10 static pages or a full Wordpress theme.

Or some combination of lower-level gifts.


For Early Non-U.S. Donors (we regret that shipping costs prevent us from sending physical gifts to donors outside the United States, but we can still offer these gifts to international donors, subject to availability at the time of donation):

$50+: electronic delivery of digital vector image or sanctuary print that can be printed by donor (if quantity still available; see above for descriptions).

$75+ and in Europe only: vector image or sanctuary print, with the option of having the image printed on photo paper and mailed to you.

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