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Family and friends of Amber and Jade are uniting to raise money to help get each a Prosthetic Ear. Please show your support. Thank you!

My name is Brandon Thron. As you may know, I am the father of two
beautiful twin daughters, Amber and Jade. Unfortunately, my little
girls were born both with a very rare defect called Goldenhar
Syndrome. This condition causes numerous birth defects including
incomplete development of the ear and unfortunate cranial and facial

Throughout their young lives they've had to undergo through an
abundance of surgeries to help with these defects. However, they are
both missing one ear on opposite sides of their faces. Several years
ago, on Oprah and the Discovery Channel, I saw a man named Robert R.
Barron, a former Senior CIA Disguise Specialist, committed to
restoring identities through prosthetic devices. I searched for his
email, sent him my daughter's story, and within 2 hours he called me.
We had an enlightening conversation, that gave their mother and I
hope. Together, we decided that instead of our daughters going through
numerous failed surgeries, trying to reconstruct and ear, that Dr.
Barron's prosthetic ears would be the best for them.

Unfortunately insurance doesn't cover this, and each ear is over
$5,000. I'm sure you understand, we've had many medical expenses and
an additional $10,000 is hard to save. My daughters have reached the
ideal age for Dr. Barron's surgery, so I decided to start a fundraiser
to possibly raise the funds needed to help my daughters get ears so
they can walk around with 2 ears just like all the other little girls.

Amber and Jade are two of the happiest little girls you'll see, but as
they get older, and start to be more aware of their condition, they
will come across many hurtful comments and questions about their
condition and defects. We just want our daughters to live as
normal as a life as possible with the least amount of hurt feelings,
pain, and worry. There are many other families with similar situations
and would donate any additional money raised to help others receive
the same procedure.

I'd be happy to share more about Goldenhar Syndrome or stories about
my daughters.

If there is any way possible to make their life easier in any way, we
are going to make sure we can do that for our daughters. We also hope
to help others in the process. So please if you can help in any way,
it would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your time and support.
Brandon Thron AKA Sugarfoot, Amber Leigh Thron, and Jade Lynn Thron
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