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Please help raise money to help cover the medical treatments we are facing for Raylan, our beautiful Ragdoll cat.

Raylan is our beautiful one and a half year old Ragdoll kitten we adopted from our local animal shelter in July of 2010 after losing our beloved cat to sudden renal failure. We have loved watching him grow from the squirmy 3 pound white ball of fluff into the almost 20 pound happy and playful guy he is today. He is so loving and makes our days so much brighter.

On the morning of December 3, 2011 we noticed that he was having trouble going to the bathroom. After a 3 AM trip to the local 24 emergency animal hospital, we found out he was blocked with what appeared to be struvite crystals. They cleared his blockage and he seemed to be fine after a trip the next day to our regular vet and no issues at home. But unfortunately he blocked again that night and we took him back to our vet the very next morning where they found he had so many crystals in his bladder, it looked like sand was filling half of it. He needed emergency surgery to remove all of the stones removed.

Thankfully the surgery was a success and all of his stones were removed. 4 days post surgery however, we noticed Raylan was having trouble breathing, taking very rapid breaths and was wheezing. Another trip to the 24hr emergency hospital showed us that he had pulmonary edema, or fluid building up in his lungs. They immediately put him in an oxygen tent for 12 hours and gave him diuretic injections to push the fluid from his lungs and give him pure oxygen. The x-ray not only showed the fluid build up in his lungs, but a somewhat enlarged heart. The ER vet told us this could be caused by the subcutaneous fluids we were giving him, or more gravely, by a latent heart disease, awakened by the stress of his blockages and surgery. They suggested we stop the subcutaneous fluids and get a heart ultrasound (an echocardiogram) done as soon as was financially possible.

All was going well until 3 days before Christmas however, when he started to have trouble breathing again, exhibiting the same symptoms he showed before. We took him to our regular vet and he saw similar fluid in his lungs as well as an enlarged heart. It was imperative we have his heart looked at with an ultrasound to see if he did in fact have heart disease. Deciding his health was more important than gifts under the tree and a few other monthly expenses, we booked an appointment right away with the help of a payment plan our vet allowed us. We soon found out that he has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a genetic disease that has no cure, but is treatable with medication and careful management.

We are treating him with medication to help alleviate his symptoms and help his heart function better and are optimistic for many years to come full of love and happiness with him. The emotional and stressful toll is quite large for us all, as are unfortunately the bills we have accumulated over the last month getting him treated, tested, surgery and medications. Every penny we have aside from necessities like rent and basic groceries has or is going to his treatment and we need help. Any amount will make a difference toward helping pay for his bills.

Raylan means the world to us and is such a special part of our family. He saved us that day at the shelter as much as we saved him. We need your help now to make sure he continues to be able to get care and treatment.

Thank you so much.

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