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All money recieved will go toward Diesel's vet bills and to Dr Alson Sears and his distemper CURE.

I adopted a 6 week old puppy. The previous owners assured me that he was a healthy pup. To my suprise he was anything but healthy. On Diesel's 3rd night with me he had his first seizure. The next day he had several more along seizures with partial blindness and nose bleeds. I took him to the vet and he was quickly diagnosed with distemper. Distemper is a very contagious virus that attacks the respitory system, intestines and all areas of a dog's nervous system. Once the virus moves past the blood barrier in the brain sezuires begin. A puppy with distemper only has about a 20 % chance of living. If a puppy is lucky enough to survive there is a good chance that the dog may suffer future health problems. Diesel did survive. He spent 4 days in the ICU at Hamilton Crossing Animal Hospital in Westfield, IN. He is home now and seems to be recovering although he is still on anti-seizure medication. I am very lucky that the vet decided to help with the cost of Diesel's treatment but even with the extra help it was a costly treatment. 1/4 of the money I am collecting will go toward Diesel's medical bills and the other 3/4 will be donated to Dr. Alson Sears who stumbled on a cure for the distemper virus. Money is currently being raised to continue research for the NDV induced serum. With more trials this vaccine can become FDA approved and dogs will no longer die from distemper. For more information on the NDV induced serum visit
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