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The family and friends of Nicole Castro are uniting to raise money to help with her cover medical expenses for Kaylyn. Please show support!

Below you find the story of the Castro Family.... I, Michael Carter, began this fundraiser after hearing the story of my cousins struggles with medical expenses for her unborn little girl. On the brink of Kaylyn coming into our world there has been a tremendous bump in the road, followed by the news that insurance isn"t going to cover the treatments and tests. Please read Kaylyn's story. I love them dearly and hope to make this process much much easier for them. Thanks in advance for your help.

From my cousin Nikki:

At our 20 week ultrasound, a time we were so excited to confirm if we were expecting a boy or girl, we got more news than any parent would ever would want to hear: There is something wrong. The doctor wouldn't say much other than that a high risk perinatal doctor would be contacting me to schedule an appointment and look into it further but it could be several different issues all unknown to them. After what seemed like an ETERNITY to hear from the specialist we were seen a week later and were given the diagnosis that Kaylyn has a sacrococcygeal teratoma(SCT). It was approximately 3cm and an Alderman type 2. Thankfully we were informed that every organ looked great (brain, kidneys, etc) but to me it didn't matter what the doctor was saying; something was wrong with my baby and there was nothing I could do now to help her. Was she in pain? Does she know it is there? Etc. I remember as the doctor was explaining all sorts of items and all I could think about is how I have named her, picked out her nursery, heard her heartbeat and seen her beautiful face. Am I going to have to terminate? For me, that wasn't an option, I was going to give her EVERY fighting chance she could have. I couldn't even imagine losing her and I have never even officially "met" her yet.
At this time we have relocated to PA for Kaylyn to have her surgery completed by the WORLDS best surgeons! We met with a surgeon in Tampa but unfortunately they did not give us much comfort as this is a VERY rare diagnosis and he was not knowledgeable in this area. Her SCT is currently 5.5 cm which is amazing since most SCTs can be quite huge. Her sct doesnt look like it is causing damage to any of her internal organs or nerves but we unfortunately won't know until after she is born if it did have any affect on her organs/UT/nerves/etc.
Please pray for Kaylyn and I to have a safe delivery and a safe/successful surgery as she will need to have the tumor removed as well as a part of her spine (the coccyx bone) and we just pray, pray, pray and pray that God will take over the surgeons hands and help our baby!
Something that we never knew really anything about but can't say thank you enough is to the Ronald McDonald House. Please support RMH! Without the Ronald McDonald House we wouldn't know what to do without their support and shelter.
As of right now in PA we are just waiting on Kaylyn to make her debut. I am trying to enjoy the last few days/week/etc with her in my belly. We are not sure what her recovery time will be or when we will be home :( I know some of you may be upset or wondering why we didn't share her story sooner; this is something that has been quite hard on us and have been so filled with the unknowns that it was easier for us to keep private as well as painful/difficult to discuss.
This relocation is taking a toll on me especially, but know it is what is best for Kaylyn. We both miss home very much as well as our babies Tater and Tek. Luckily, the hospital has a great support system that I can get counseling with and most importantly I have the best husband in the world!!! thank you lord for blessing me with the most amazing man! he is going to be the best father!!!

Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey
c/o Nicole Castro
550 Mickle Blvd
Camden, NJ 08103

Just found out that the tests/procedures they have to do for Kaylyn is NOT covered in our health insurance network...when it rains it pours! Lord please give me strength!
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