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Relief of medical bills and treatments for Connie Cannon who has stage four lung cancer

These are the times in life when one may question one's faith to say the least. I feel the strong calling to run with this project I’ll call “Connie & Kaitlin’s grief relief project.

Connie and Katilin's journey.....

In September 2007 Connie Cannon’s significant other since they were 18, Kyle Riley, who is also the father of their daughter Kaitlin Riley, passed away unexpected at the age of 46. His passing was difficult for everyone. Two months after the loss of Kyle, Connie and Kaitlin were faced with the task of putting their dog “Tommy” down due to cancer.
After years of struggling with the loss of Kyle (my brother), Connie did what Kyle would have wanted, she mulled forward and several years later met a wonderful gentleman named Jon. Who could have imagined that 2012 would bring another "storm
' of hardship. Connie had torn a rotator cuff and was trying to seek treatment and receive workers compensation benefits to which was unfortunately denied. She worked 40 +hours a week and because it was her only source of income and only way to support herself and Kaitlin, she endured the pain for months. She was told by her employer that she could not call out and miss work. After months of dealing with her debilitating pain, she succombed to seeing a chiropractor for her rotator cuff and one of her symptoms were chest pains, which had not been further tested by her physican. Upon performing and reviewing the chest xray , the Chiropractor informed Connie that she had fluid in her lung. Immediately after hearing this unsettling news, she was told by her employer that she would be losing her job. Connie's test results, were in... her doctor broke the news to her that her lung was filled with fluid because she had lung cancer. What a shock considering Connie is not and never was a smoker. Her battle in life now includes Stage four lung cancer. Connie has no job and as of this June 2012, which means she has no healthcare benefits/insurance.
June 16, 2012, Connie's beloved boyfriend of two years (Jon), passed very unexpectedly from a tragic car crash.
As you can imagine, this series of unexpected family crisis has and will continue to take a toll on Connie and Kaitlin, both emotionally and financially.

Please contribute to the "Connie & Kaitlin grief relief project. Monies will be used for medical bills, treatments, and to the mortgage which has become a struggle to maintain.

All your generous contributions, thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated!!

Thank you all so much!! - Denise Scaroni (sister of Kyle Riley, Aunt of Kaitlin Riley), the Riley and Cannon Families!
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