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The Family of Michael Rowland are raising money to help him get back on his feet, with prosthetics. Medical costs not all covered. Donate?

Today is Mike's Birthday and marks the end of Mike's Get Back on His Feet Campaign. This account will be closed and his check will be mailed and deposited in his bank account. A lot has happened since we started this page and we are grateful that you were there for Mike and for his family too. We are inspired and moved to see how you all rallied for Mike during this difficult time. We will never forget you and your thoughtfulness and we know that it is because of your prayers, kind words and generous support that Mike will continue to live a full and productive life with his new prostethic feet. Most of all it is good to know that we can count on friends and family like you as life's greatest gift of all.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you & God Bless You! - The Rowland Family

Mike would like to stay in touch. If anyone would like to connect with Mike via mail his address is: Mike Rowland 1108 ToddFarm Road, Unit 101, Elgin, IL 60123

5.25.12 Update: Mike is getting his legs TODAY! He is going back into Marion Joy and will be there for two weeks learning how to walk again with his new legs. the last couple of months have been hard but Mike has "toughed it out" better than anyone I can imagine could. This account will be closing by his Birthday June 11th and we hope to present him with the check from this 'give forward' account to take a little sting out of the financial costs for this entire ordeal.

Thank you all for your generosity and let's make one final push over the holiday weekend until June 11th and please help us meet our goal by donating and helping us spread the word among out networks!

Thank you & God Bless!!
The Rowland Family

3.16.12 Update: Mike and Olga are now home and are beginning their new life. They are like two kids in love and grateful to have each other. It is great to see them so happy and in the hearts and prayers of so many great friends and family through good times and bad...

3.15.12 Update: Mike and Olga got MARRIED! Mike is still in rehab, but they surprised us all when they decided to go to the local courthouse and tie the knot! Bill his boss was the only witness to the nuptials. Although we all would've loved to help them celebrate by having a big wedding and showering them with gifts for their special day, we are happy for them and congratulate them on their commitment to love each other through it all!

Please help us get the happy newlyweds off to a great start by considering a donation as a wedding gift!

On the progress front, Mike is eager to move back to his apartment and fire up the grill with the great weather we're having. According to the nurses and he doctor he is doing great and he may be leaving Rehab as soon as this weekend or next week. It is my understanding, that he will not be getting fitted for prosthetics for several weeks. In the meanwhile, Brian (his brother), Bill and a few of his co-workers are taking the lead by pitching in to get his apartment ADA ready by building a ramp and making his apartment handicap accessible.

Stay tuned...

3.3.12 Update: Last weekend Mike was moved to a Rehab Center in Wheaton. This week he had his bandages removed on Tuesday from his hands. He said "I'm glad I can use a phone"...this type of reaction has been pretty much par for the course with Mike. He has been really grateful throughout this crazy time for the 'wins' along the way.

Mike and the Rowland Family would like to give a special 'shout out' to the top brass from Colliers International, Mike's employers, for coming out this week too from as far as St. Louis to show their support and solidarity for him and to give Mike a generous donation. Mike cried and we did too when we heard about the really special gesture.

In case you were wondering Mike and Eileen's (Mike's parents) home, thank God, was spared from the Tornados in Branson, MO this week. (We got lots of calls. Thanks for your concern) They did go home, however, to check on things and to get some much needed rest for the first time in over a month.

We appreciate everyone's donations, virtual messages/hugs, visits, calls and for all of your thoughts and prayers!

Thank you so much for continuing to help us SPREAD THE WORD about this online fundraising drive for Mike. We are hoping to be at the halfway point of $12,500 by the end of March!


For those of you that are just checking in...

On Friday, February 17th, Mike lost both of his feet below the knees and four fingers and a thumb from a routine Prostate biopsy that became infected, complicated by his diabetes, and ravaged through his body almost overnight.

A couple of days after his prostate biopsy, Mike was admitted to the hospital on Saturday, January 28th with a high fever. On Sunday January, 29th, the nurses called all family members at 4 a.m. to the hospital to say our goodbye's. His body was described as purple, he was on life support and wasn't expected to make it to sunrise. His parents were summoned and had to make a 10 hour drive to Chicago from Branson, MO through tear filled eyes...a parents worst nightmare.

Through the power of prayer and his will to live, Mike survived this incredible ordeal. He remained in critical care for 8 days. He now has to cope with the loss of his extremities and will need to learn how to overcome incredible physical challenges for the rest of his life.

Before this unfortunate tragedy, Mike had everything to look forward to! Life was good. He and his fiance, Olga, were in the middle of planning a wedding His job as a operating engineer, a physically demanding job, was going great and he was surrounded by lots of friends and family.

Mike is Blessed to have received so many calls from friends and family, who have expressed concern and offered much appreciated prayer and support for his overwhelming pains. His boss, Bill, is a gem. Bill has gone above and beyond during this crisis, for example bringing him a cup of coffee at 5 am to help continue their daily routine before their workday started...

It seems like it was only a minute ago, over the holidays, Mike, expressed to all of us how grateful he was that his life was surrounded by a beautiful fiancee, family, friends and to have a great job! We learned, how quickly life can throw you a curve ball. Mike has been a true champ throughout all of this. His faith, resolve, humor and courage have moved all of us to tears including the nurses and his doctor...according to the medical professionals they have never seen anything like this before happen to someone so quickly and all at once!

Right now, it looks like it will take at least 8 weeks from surgery before he begins to be fitted for prosthetics, in the meanwhile, he is in the hospital healing, due to the extent of the amputations involving both hands and feet, it may take longer. .

Today, we are all grateful to God to have him with us and we are grateful to have all of you who have joined us in this incredible journey.

Our families courage and energy to do whatever it takes to help him "get back on his feet" with the help of a prosthesis is inspired by his extraordinary courage to move onward and forward and to continue to live a "normal" life.

We would like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your love and prayers. If you would like to make a donation to help Mike meet some of his medical costs and expenses, please donate here or mail a check to:

Michael Rowland
956 S. Bartlett Road, #300,
Bartlett, IL 60103

Memo on Check: Mike's Back on His Feet Fund.

Please be sure to come back to this site for updates and all virtual hugs and messages are welcome!

This fundraiser ends on his Birthday June 11th! We hope to hit our goal to help him in the only way we can and that is to, at least, ease some of the financial burden he will have to endure.

Thank you again and God Bless!

Michael & Eileen Rowland (parents), Brian and Neli Rowland, Kathleen and Kevin Sheehan, Sean and Karen Rowland, Kevin Rowland and all of his nieces and nephews.
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