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Joe has Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis and needs a lung transplant without one he will die. He worked as a truck driver until he got sick.

We are not sure how he was exposed to the toxins that caused his disease. Joe is on oxygen 24hours a day he was given 5 years to live,that was almost 3 years ago. We have travelled 400 miles round trip to UAB Hospital for several series of test and evaluations. On our consultation Monday,November 26th Dr. Vishon said Joe passed all his pre-transplant testing,but needs three things before he can be listed for transplant. He needs better insurance,He needs to have fundraisers to raise capital for the lung tansplant,and he needs to lose 15 lbs. I signed him up for C Plus insurance that will start in January. He is working on the weight,The Dr. agrees March would be a realistic goal. The third thing is a fundraiser and I hope all my family and friends will support this. Anti-rejection and Anti-viral medicines are very expensive,and they will be lifelong medications, without this transplant my husband will die. This has been a long battle for Joe and we have almost gotten there,but he needs help to meet the requirements of the transplant hospital.Joe has worked so hard to get on the list and he is almost there. Please help him make the list. you can help by: shareing any information on fundraisers so that we can have the funds needed to pay the enormous costs involved. Once on the list we will need to be within 2 hours of the hospital. Seeing as it is more than a 3 &1/2 hour drive from Atmore we are looking at relocation or possibly a charity flight from Pilots Of Christ. All donations are greatly appreciated! Sincerely Teena & Joe Philyaw

 Help Change Their Luck

 Joe and his wife, my sister Teena, live in Atmore Alabama. Joe is a friendly southern gentleman willing to help anyone at any time. Joe has been a really nice brother in-law and wonderful husband to my sister. Although it has been hard to understand his thick southern accent my family has been really blessed to have him in our sister’s life. He’s one of the lucky things in her “a bit unlucky” life.

Born teeny tiny Teena, with an underdeveloped digestive system she struggled from birth to thrive, and suffered frequent hospitalizations as a toddler with kidney problems.

Accidently burned by two cups of scalding coffee as she ran and threw her arms around her mom’s legs to hug her; Teena was a patient at Shriners Hospital in Springfield Massachusetts. Third degree burns down her tiny neck, shoulder and torso needed long painful treatments and skin grafts. She has the scars to show how seriously she was burned.

 At seven while riding her bike out of a friends driveway she was hit by a car an declared clinically brain dead (she wasn’t). She survived 4 weeks in a comma and endured years of rehabilitation to learn to talk and walk all over again. Many surgeries for her wondering eye, residual weakness of her left side, knee surgeries and anti-seizure medicines are just part of the continuous lifelong treatments that followed.

In 2009 emergency surgery for abdominal issues resulted in a second emergency surgery and a colostomy. Teena was in intensive care in Alabama and unable to attend her mom’s funeral in Massachusetts.

 About this time Joe was diagnosed with terminal lung disease and his health rapidly declined, and Teena and Joe’s world took another bad turn.

This past year a brave surgeon reversed Teena’s colostomy that others said could not be done. I think that was a turning point in Teena’s luck.

This fund raiser is about Joe, this post is about his life partner and how she deserves to have a healthy husband to share her future with. Although she very much wanted children she was not able to have children. Joe and her pets are her life.  Her life has had blessings but has also been a string of bad luck.

 You can help change Teena’s luck and Joes’ future by supporting Joe’s Lung Transplant Fundraiser and by sharing the link to the fundraiser~ Thank you.

 Joe’s sister in law,

Linda Scott


The gift of life

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Joe Philyaw spent years caring for his wife Teena. She had been disabled since she was in school due to an accident she suffered as a child. At age seven, while riding her bike out of a friend’s driveway, Teena was hit by a car and declared clinically brain dead.

Miraculously, she began the long road to recovery, surviving four weeks in a coma and enduring years of rehabilitation to learn to talk and walk all over again.

Many surgeries for her wandering eye, residual weakness of her left side, knee surgeries and anti-seizure medicines are just part of the continuous lifelong treatments that followed. This is what Joe committed to helping her with when he made a lifelong commitment to Teena.

Joe knew for 20 years that his breathing wasn’t right, but it wasn’t until a lung collapsed three years ago that he went to a doctor. Even then, he had to be forced by Teena.

Joe was diagnosed with Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis. Scar tissue is building up in his lungs due to exposure to an unknown toxin, and he needs a lung transplant or he will not live much longer.

“They told me I had five years left to live,” Joe said. “That was three years ago.”

Joe is on oxygen 24 hours a day.

At the same time Joe was facing this challenge, Teena was in the hospital in Atmore, so ill that she couldn’t even attend her mother’s funeral in Massachusetts.

Joe has done everything required of him to qualify for a lung transplant. He has passed every physical exam and has made progress on the 15 pounds the doctors asked him to lose.

The single largest remaining obstacle for Joe is financial.

“Joe can’t qualify for a transplant unless we can show the ability to afford his anti-rejection and anti-viral medications,” Teena said. “Just one can cost as much as $1,000 a month and he could need as many as seven.”

Joe said he understands the requirement, so he and Teena have set out to see if they can raise the finances needed to make the transplant happen.

“The transplant and related costs can run as high as $200,000 the first year alone,” Teena said. “We set up a page on the web site,, to try and raise the money. Our goal is to get the $20,000 Joe needs to qualify by March.”

So far they have raised about $4,200, much of it coming from strangers.

Teena’s old school, Minnechaug Regional High School, raised $1,000, which was matched by another donor.

“When I came back to school after my accident, my classmates stood and applauded as the principal carried me in on his shoulders,” Teena said. “They stood up for me then, and they are standing up for me again.

“People have been so nice. I hate to ask for help. Times are tough for people. Joe has lived in this community all his life, and now he needs help.”

Joe was a truck driver for many years, until this disease made driving impossible. One donor at the web site was a truck driver who gave $200 having never met Joe or Teena.

If you would like to help Joe and Teena reach their goal so that he can get his life-saving transplant, please visit the web site and type Joe Philyaw in the “Find a fundraiser” box. Or visit First National Bank and Trust in Atmore and make a donation to the Joe Philyaw fund.


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