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Jerry and family are trying to raise money for his medical expenses not covered by insurance.

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In July of 2012, Jerry was taken to the hospital gasping for air. During the course of his stay, he was diagnosed with end stage renal disease. His job as a full time security guard did not offer "sick time", and so he did not earn any wages for the time he was in hospital, till August 6, 2012. He had health insurance coverage thru his wife's job, but with very high deductibles and coinsurances so the medical bills were staggering. Add to that the loss of income, and it didn't take long to bring him and his wife to their knees financially. Now, they face potential homelessness, because according to the government rules, his income is "too high" for any assistance except medical. Because their income was cut in half, there is no money for daily needs like groceries, gasoline, utilities and rent. Family has helped where they could, but their resources are limited also. Jerry has sold whatever items of value he had, and given up internet, cable tv, and any other "non essential" items he has. He has visited the local food pantry for groceries.

For his whole life, Jerry has given to others, often sacrificing what little goods or money he had to help another, without question. He was a volunteer firefighter, an EMT, and loving dad and husband. He always provided love and care for whomever he ran across who needed it.

Now he finds himself in desperate need of help, himself. He will qualify for disability, but those payments will not start until February. Thankfully, he qualified also for Medicare to help with the medical bills but that did not take effect until August, leaving him with thousands of dollars in copays to manage. His wife has taken on a second job in addition to her 40 hour a week job to help make ends meet, but it isn't enough.

If we can raise $2000, we can "survive" until February when his disability payments start.

Please help with whatever you can afford, even a dollar is not too much, and if you cannot financially help, please send your best thoughts and prayers his way, for he needs all the help he can get!

Thank you so much for your caring!
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