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Raising money for Tony and Maria Carvalho to help with medical costs.

I'm trying to help raise money to help alleviate some medical expenses that mom and dad have accrued.This year has definitely put a toll on the both of them. Earllier this year my father was diagnosed with MS. He was never one to go to the doctor. I guess he just didnt want to hear any bad news. My mother finally convinced him to go. Unfortunately it wasn't good news. My dad is an extremely hard worker. He's always worked 60+ hours to make sure he could provide for his family. We never went without. It was very scary to find out that my dad had MS. Needless to say he still went on with his daily routine. He worked alot. He was a deli manager and would work on his feet for at least 10-12 hours a day. A few months after dad's diagnosis my mom was in a motorcycle accident. It happened on mothers day of this year. My brother, my daughter and I met up with my parents and a couple of their friends for breakfast. My mom didnt quite look like herself but she assured us she was fine. She too also has diabetes. We left the restaraunt, my parents went out riding with their friends and my daughter, brother and I went home. Later that evening I recieved a phone call that really changed my life. My mother had gotten into an accident with her motorcycle. She was riding and the last thing my dad saw was my mom hit the curb and fly through the air and landed on her face and chest. She was unconcious. She was rushed to the hospital and remained there for 2 months. She was in medically induced coma. Mom had a stroke. It was scary to see her with no hair, they shaved her head to place a tube in her head to diffuse the fluid buildup in her head. She had tubes everywhere and she was lifeless. The doctors said she would take up to a year to come to and be back to almost normal. My father stayed by her side day and night. Our family and I visited mom daily. I believe it was a few weeks before mom was to be discharged my father got laid off. My parents are the strongest people I have ever met. They struggle each and every day but continue to smile and laugh every chance they get. They take one day at a time and try not to let too much bother them. I know it must be tough for them. They have a mortgage, car payments, utlities and now medical coverage to pay. My goal is to raise $2000.00 to help towards their medical.
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