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The loved ones of Tressa are uniting to help pay for her treatments and medical expenses related to RSD. Please help us fight for her!

It’s August 2012 in Hawaii and Tressa Owens is 49 years old. She is a wonderful wife and mother of 2 amazing boys. Her and her husband, Rocky, have been married for 23 years and have been by eachothers sides through many ups and downs. But things have changed-the dynamics of her family has changed in the past few years. She now sits in her house with all the doors and windows closed.She can't remember the last time she slept an entire night. Attending her son’s sporting events are hard because loud noise and vibrations cause her pain. Laughter in her house is a distant memory and her family is afraid to touch her for fear of hurting her. This is not the life she expected to lead.  Life is different when you have RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), very different…
It all started in 2006. Tressa slipped and fell, with wine glasses in both hands, causing a piece of glass to go straight into to the middle of her palm, cutting a tendon which, subsequently, required surgery to repair. In April of 2007 Tressa began to have trouble with scar tissue from that surgery, ultimately resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome and a ganglion cyst that developed on her right wrist. Another surgery was necessitated. After months of pain, Tressa was finally diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (commonly known as RSD). Since then, she has undergone multiple nerve blocks, intense prescription drug therapy, and physical therapy, all to no avail. Hyperbaric Medicine Treatments have been helpful, but are not covered by insurance and, as such, are not a viable option. She has had seizures and has been rushed to the emergency room numerous times. The RSD that started in her right hand has now spread up into the right side of her face, her left hand, and both legs, and is now beginning to cause complications including other diseases such as Reynaud’s Phenomenon.
A year and a half ago she was forced to walk away from her business; a quaint Italian Café she had owned and operated on a daily bases for 15 years. She was no longer physically capable of taking care of the business due to the symptoms of RSD. As a result, her family has had to make tremendous financial sacrifices. They had to start selling family possessions like; their car and wedding rings and switch the kids schools... in order to afford the treatments.
Tressa’s condition has continued to deteriorate over the past year. There are times when she can hardly walk or leave her home. If she is to leave home and will be walking she needs to use a wheelchair. We are seeking your help in raising money to send Tressa to Texas to receive electro-stimulation based treatment with South Texas Innovative Medicine. This treatment has been shown to have the most promise with putting RSD patients into remission. Though FDA approved, the treatments and home-use unit are not covered by insurance and Tressa’s family has already amassed a large amount of medical bills that they are unable to pay. The sooner she gets treatment, the better chance she has of surviving this debilitating disease.
Please Help Tressa Fight RSD. Help her return to some sort of normal life so she can continue raising her boys and begin looking forward to getting up in the mornings again. If you wish to contact Tressa and her family please email us at
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