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I need to start raising funds for my transplant and the medical related expenses building up ,which are not covered by insurance.

I have chronic pancreatitis. At this point all I can eat is broth and yogurt. I have to take Morphine 3 times a day and if needed, Oxycodone 2 times a day. I have lost about 50 pounds so far.
I am on Medicare, because I have also had Multiple Sclerosis for 28 years. For 22 of those years I helped many, as I was a hemodialysis Technician. In 2002 I could not perform my job anymore and had to go on disability. I need to have a Pancreatectomy with Auto Islet transplantation. This is where they will remove my pancreas(which is eating itself up) and remove the Islets (which produce Insulin) and transplant my Islets back into my liver. At this time only a few hospitals are doing this procedure.

This will give me a chance to be pain free (so that I would not have to take narcotics, or less of,) and a chance of not becoming a Diabetic and I would also be able to eat again, pain free. Medicare still views this procedure as experimental, although hundreds of these cases have been done, with good results. They will pay for the Pancreatectomy (if this is all I had, I would become a brittle diabetic, and would need to give myself Insulin Shots.) The other part of the surgery, would cost me $68,000. I have also incurred and continue to incurr many medical related expenses,which has continued to whittle down all the finances I have.

I would like to have this procedure done at The University of Minnesota (which has performed the most of these procedures). If I do not have this done and I continue to lose weight, I will need to have a feeding tube placed. Also If I wait longer, before having this done more of my Islets will die, and the chance of the surgery being successful goes down.

This procedure can save my life (I am only 53) and I am getting desperate, and do not know any other way to raise the needed money.

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