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Living and Medical Expenses not covered by insurance for the Contreras Moreno family in their time of need.

On Jan. 19, 2012, Sandra Contreras Moreno was on a terrible high speed car accident on Hwy 91 she was turning into her home street and was hit in the rear, thrown into traffic and hit a 2nd time from oncoming traffic. At the hospital Sandra was admitted as a major multi-trauma patient with 21 diagnoses not to make it long some of them where right mid shaft femur fracture, right clavicle fracture, external fixation on the pelvis, right rib fractures, blood loss anemia and 16 other diagnoses. She stay at the ICU for about a week where she had three major surgeries, then continue to her rehab where she received rehab nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Sandra was released on Feb. 16, 2012 and continues to see her orthopedic surgeon, the spine and neck doctor, the trauma clinic, her medical doctor, and physical therapy at home. She also appreciated her friends and co-workers that go to her home to do healing touch. At her released from the hospital she has had two surgeries.

Almost took her life and/or of it might of lose her leg Sandra is a living miracle. Sandra Said’s that “God and the great team that is the EMT that was there at the time of the accident, the ambulance, police, the fire department, at the hospital the doctors, p.a.’s, nurses, nurses aids, the support of my family, friends, co-workers, community and prayers from everyone made the miracle.” When she was in ICU she was always positive, strong and courageous all the way and continues to fight for her life, keeping strong and never feeling down. Sandra’s recovery has been a fight each day and will continue to be positive and strong each day. Sandra at the time was working at a Public Health Agency and a year ago she decided to go back to college and finish her Business Accounting Degree, but after the accident her life change. Sandra say’s “It’s going to be hard but I will never give up. I will continue with my physical therapy and at the long run continue with college and work.” Sandra always tells her family, friends, co-workers and godchildren to never give up on their goals for the future.

The family has medical insurance but it will only cover part of the medical expenses. In fact, it only covers part of the 60 days in home physical therapy and cover part of the 30 days in an outpatient physical therapy. Normally in a situation like this, money is not an issue as the party responsible for the accident usually has liability insurance. That is not the case here. Sandra will continue to see her doctors and do physical therapy that will not be covered by the insurance. Some of the services that she received already are sending bills. Her house payments are rising over these months. Sandra and her family are worried that they might lose their home. Has her caregivers are her husband and her mom. The family needs to meet their expenses. During this hard time, the last thing Sandra and her family need to be worrying about is money.

Please donate what you can and forward this to everyone you know. These are good people that need our help! Let's all pitch in and help them through this hard time. Thank you for all your help.
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