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The family of Alexia Salazar are asking for your support in raising money for medical costs and related expenses.

My mother , Alexia has overcome many obstacles in life. She is a Domestic Violence Survivor, Heart Attack Survivor, and now in recovery from complications of surgery. On October 4th she awoke at 5am to severe upper abdominal pain. Not long after that she began feeling nausous, light headed and faint with chest pain. She called 911 thinking she was having another heart attack. She was taken to University Hospital. There were many tests; CT scan, ultrasound, x-rays and blood work done during her 26 hour in the ER, During that time she suffer severe attacks of pain which made her thrashing around and brought her to streaming tears. She was finally given Morphine, and a little to eat then she was able to rest. After a few hours she was discharged with a diagnosis of Gastritis! She was told to take over the counter pain meds and eat a regular diet!

Not long after arriving home her pain returned with a vengeance. She decided not to go back to same hospital and asked my brother to take her to the ER at Santa Rosa. They started performed the same tests (CT scan, ultrasound, x-rays, blood work) While waiting for the results the ER nurses gave her a strong dose of Dilaudid which noticeably eased the pain. The results came back quickly and she was found to have a Small Bowel Obstruction. The doctor stated that he would have to perform surgery on her. First she had to have a G tube placed in her nostril, down the esophagus and into the stomach, That would help decompress and suction out some of the blockage in her small bowel. One major risk of surgery is the possibility of aspiration during the procedure which is why doctors keep patients NPO, nothing by mouth, She had not eaten or drank much of anything since the evening of the 3rd and throughout her other hospital visit.

The surgeon explained that during her surgery, called Colectomy, her intestines were “kinked” is he had put it. Well while unkinking her intestines, the liquid stool and gastric secretion blocked behind the obstruction became loose and came up through her stomach into her esophagus and down into her lungs. My mother had aspirated the worst fluids possible! Pneumonia was a certainty. She started having high grade fevers and shortness of breath set in so bad that she could barely talk. Her O2 sats (oxygen saturation) levels dropped into the lower 80s and she became oxygen dependent for the next 10 days. Through the diligent care of the doctors and nurses she slowly recovered, she was downgraded from the ICU to a regular room after 3 nights but stayed in the hospital a total of 13 nights in the hospital. On multiple IV antibiotics, nebulizer treatments every 4 hours, and routine use of incentive spirometry she progressed little by little each day and she was finally discharged on October 18. We don’t know how much this medical bill is going to be with all the antibiotics and breathing treatments, 3 doctors handling (attending, surgeon, pulmonary) her case and oh gosh how much does it cost to stay in the ICU. Missing out on 2 weeks and more of work is taking a toll on her.

She pays into the county health program called CareLink which only covers her hospital visit at University hospital, the one that said she just had an upset stomach and her low heart rate was her normal! My mother now during her recovery has to also carry the burden of how to pay for her medical bills along with her usual expences. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck but any little help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, God Bless
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